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MARKIN’s biggest USP is how flexible it is, with several plans aimed to cater to both small businesses and enterprise users, and large global organisations. It has a number of products, and specifications, with customisable features, to suit individual business requirements. It can also be integrated with a number of different systems, which adds flexibility to the whole designing process. Request MARKIN Pricing to get more information.


MARKIN is a label printing software that is used to create and print your own home or office labels, with minimal paper wastage for designing and layout ideas. It supports a wide range of very exciting and personalised features to make your label as unique as possible. It can be used for several kinds of products such as electronic money detectors, money counters, signposting and much more. 

MARKIN Features

Below are MARKIN’s most innovative features:

  • Wide range of designs
    • MARKIN has several templates and unique tools to help create the most customised designs

    • It also has an extensive library for design ideas, to help beginners

  • Compatible with both Inkjet and Laser printers
    • MARKIN is compatible with both Inkjet and Laser printers, which makes it very convenient for a number of business requirements

    • It also greatly reduces costs and makes the whole printing process much more flexible

  • Unlimited Graphics Uploading
    • MARKIN supports unlimited graphics uploading, which can be stored and shared very easily

    • It also provides several graphics ideas through an extensive catalogue and database

  • Web-Based 
    • MARKIN has web-based features as well, which allows for easy uploading and access

    • Designs can also be edited on the go and shared quickly for feedback and rectifications 

MARKIN Pricing

MARKIN pricing plans start from approximately $320 and include all the basic label designing and printing features. There are several different plans to choose from, depending on individual business needs. These plans can also be easily customised to include several different features, at a minimal cost. 


This software provides a free trial, after which the MARKIN pricing plans come into play. A demo request can also be made directly to the company. Extensive support is also available for the usage and installation of the software. This support and training can be availed of in person, through videos, live online and thorough documentation. 


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MARKIN Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 11, 2020

“Easy to install and use”

MARKIN is exceedingly easy to install and use, due to it being compatible with a number of systems and printers!
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James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Great prices!”

MARKIN pricing plans are thoughtfully created and customisable for all type of users!
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