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TFORMer’s biggest USP is the rich host of features it provides for every design need imaginable. It keeps the needs of smaller businesses and enterprise users in mind, while at the same time being scalable enough to be deployed for giant global organisations. Thus its features are multidimensional and can easily be customised according to the situation. Request TFORMer Pricing to get more information.



TFORMer is a label printing and barcode software. It is flexible, innovative and can be personalized to provide hundreds of individualized label designs and formats. It also uses APIs, which makes it quicker and more productive. TFORMer is used by several start-ups, subject matter experts (SMEs), agencies and enterprises. 

TFORMer Features

Some of TFORMer’s most interesting features are as follows:

  • Design Reports and Graphical Forms

    • TFORMer includes a host of tools for better, more accurate report designing and presentation

    • It also has excellent graphic forms which allow 2D and 3D model views and designs 

  • Good Text Formatting

    • TFORMer offers several text fonts, intended for a wide range of design requirements

    • The fonts are also customisable and can easily be changed as per changing specifications

  • List and Label Output

    • TFORMer also enables users to use List and Label, for better reporting and designing

    • This also helps print reports for cloud, web and desktop applications

  • TFORMer AutoDoc

    • TFORMer AutoDoc enables easy creation and editing of documents on the go

    • It also makes it simpler for all the stakeholders of a particular project to update the documents and share them as needed 


TFORMer Pricing

TFORMer pricing plans start at approximately $490 per year and include all the basic label designing features. These plans are very flexible and can easily be customised to suit individual business requirements. They are also suitable for businesses of all sizes and capacities and can be customised as needed and it is all possible because of TFORMer Pricing.

TFORMer Demo

TFORMer does not provide a free trial. However, a demo request can be made directly to the company in order to better understand the usage of all the tools and features. This will also help users decide which TFORMer pricing plan is best suited for their business requirements. Extensive support for installation and usage is also provided and can be availed in-person, through online tutorials or documentation.


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TFORMer Reviews


James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Great Price”

TFORMer’s pricing plans are affordable and include everything one needs for making label designs!
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 11, 2020

“Fun and easy to use”

TFORMer is so easy to use and has so many beautiful and quirky designs which make it very fun to use and experiment with!
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