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EasyLabel’s biggest USP is how comprehensive it is, with a number of powerful advanced features to provide an incredible label designing experience. It also supports several systems and formats, such as for Windows, MAC, XML and much more. However, despite being primed to handle complex and sophisticated label design requirements, EasyLabel is still very easy to use and learn and is perfect for beginners too.


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EasyLabel Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 11, 2020

“Good price”

EasyLabel’s pricing plans are thoughtfully created to keep the needs of small businesses in mind
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James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Suitable for every business size”

EasyLabel is suitable for beginners and start-ups with little experience, as well as large organisations!
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EasyLabel Presence in Label Printing Software

EasyLabel is a barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) software. It is very easy to install and use and includes fast and accurate label design and printing features. It is very compatible with beginners with no prior barcode and labels design experience. However, it can also be scaled up to fulfil complex labelling requirements smoothly and accurately. 

EasyLabel Features

Some of EasyLabel’s best features are as follows:

  • RFID Wizard and Barcode Wizard
    • EasyLabel includes an RFID Wizard and a GS1(EAN/UCC) Barcode Wizard to help speed up the designing process

    • These will also help in training and support needs, and to meet more complex label requirements

  • Print History Console
    • EasyLabel’s Print History Console provides extensive logging, reprinting and reporting features

    • It provides a central location for all reports and logs, and be used to store multiple copies as well

  • Middleware Capabilities
    • EasyLabel provides features such as Command File Monitoring and 32-bit OBDC to smoothen communication

    • It’s printing also supports AS/400, mainframe, Unix and host systems

  • Remote Programming
    • EasyLabel also provides remote programming features, by exchanging encrypted data files

    • These files can then be exchanged through a number of mediums such as email and diskettes

EasyLabel Pricing

EasyLabel pricing plans start at approximately $245 per year, which includes all the basic label and barcode designing features. There are several plans to choose from, as per business requirements, from start-up needs to global corporations. Plans can also be customised to include additional features at a minimal cost. 

EasyLabel Demo

Users can avail of a free trial, after which the EasyLabel pricing plans come into play. EasyLabel is also compatible with a number of systems, such as Mac and Windows. Users also receive a lot of training and support, for the installation and usage of the software. This can be in person, live online or through documentation.

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