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ModelShop Landscape Design
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ModelShop is the Photoshop User's answer to 3D. ModelShop landscape design software is easy to use and fast and within minutes users can add any of the thousands of models available online to their picture right from within Photoshop. ModelShop themes include outdoor accessories, street signs and posts, ships, planes, docks and people. ModelShop also deals with the shadows and lighting. ModelShop supports LWO, 3DS, OBJ and DXF formats. Models can be textured and untextured. ModelShop also supports 3DS animations. Models with multiple child parts are often brought in and individual parts turned on or off.


ModelShop features:


Import most common model types: 


  • Supports any OBJ, DXF or 3DS file and most LWO files. Sequences with multiple child objects can be loaded and the children turned ON or OFF.
  • Performance of Modelshop depends on the complexity of the imported model. Animating sequences can be loaded and any frame sequence chosen.


Rotate, Scale, and Place objects:


  • Makes it easy to rotate, scale, and place objects in a scene.
  • Lets users choose manipulation mode through simple modal buttons. Objects can be moved along all appropriate axes. Objects can be scaled freely.


Shadow Support:


  • Add Shadow Planes which set the angle and position shadows will be cast on. Multiple shadow planes can be added.
  • Used to represent walls, the ground, and flat surfaces. Objects can cast shadows on each other.


Lighting Support:


  • Coloured lights and set to either be shadow-casting lights or non-shadowcasting lights. Light intensity can be set in the software.


Includes 50 models:


  • Ship with over $5,000 in models from Digimation’s Model Bank. 
  • Include automobiles, furniture, street signs, boats, planes and more.

ModelShop pricing:


ModelShop Pricing has not been disclosed by the company on its official website. For further details regarding ModelShop Pricing, interested users can contact the company’s sales team and request for pricing or may visit  the official website of the company.

ModelShop Demo:


ModelShop landscape design software offers a free demo for all its versions on the website to acquaint the users with all its capabilities and solutions. The demo is very interactive and understandable.for accessing the demo, users have to fill their details on their website and request a demo. It also offers a 30 day trial mode to its users. 


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ModelShop Landscape Design Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Smart model building software with intelligent analytics”

This platform comes loaded with smart analytics and AI to help the businesses generate automated codes. Precise, targeted, and quick code analysis can be done, to enhance the business valre, helping the overall model building and automation in development.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Setting new standards for model building”

Modelshop presents itself as one of its kind analytics driven model building platform which is setting new benchmarks in the domain of IT and operations too in specific
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