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Learn a Language USP

This site’s biggest advantage is its focus on personalising the classroom experience. Furthermore, its leaderboard and points system act as incentives for learning. Request Learn a Language Pricing to get more information.


Learn a Language is an online learning resource and platform that enables people from across the world who want to learn a new language or improve their speaking skills. The platform makes use of a number of activities, games and interactive course material to help users learn languages such as Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian or even Greek and Arabic for free, making the entire process way more enjoyable and interactive than any other learning resource on the Internet.

Learn a Language Features

Here are the main features of this incredible learning tool.

Multiple categories across languages
  • It offers seven different categories such as words, phrases, video blogs, courses, dictionary, culture and verbs to eager learners
Learning Kits
  • It sells learning kits with comprehensive course material, lesson plans and a lot of audio content which is a boon for learners
Interactive Classroom-style teaching 
  • The learning kits from this website come packed with lessons which are recorded in a way to resemble classroom-style teaching with practice tests
    Further, the points system rewards you for learning and improving your skills.
Games and quizzes
  • The language learning process is made easier by games such as ‘burrito builder’ and several quizzes which make it fun to experiment and learn something new.
Course material for 8 major languages
  •  It has robust course material for 8 major languages across the world which are important from a global point of view. 

Learn a Language Pricing

Although Learn a Language has 100% free courses, the Learn a Language Pricing is based on learning kits that it sells to language learners. Currently, their website sells learning kits for 3 levels of the Spanish language. The ‘Learn Spanish- Level 1’ kit has 489 lessons with 14 hours of audio content and costs $99.99, whereas the ‘Learn Spanish-Level 2’ kit has 450 lessons spread across 15 hours of audio, available for $79.99. The third kit costs similar to the previous one and contains 475 lessons spread across 16 hours of lessons in MP3 format. The Learn a Language Pricing structure is thus, fairly simple and affordable to buy for people of all age groups. 

Learn a Language Demo

The tool can be used free of cost and offers multiple demo courses,  which delights users and encourages them to learn more. Interestingly, if you login with Facebook, you get these courses for free.


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Learn a Language
84 Buyers Negotiating
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May 06, 2020

“Affordable and free”

The Learn a Language Pricing structure encourages learning without any additional costs.
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