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Capture-TPMC-4SM is a touch-screen controller for Capture HD that enables recording lectures and meetings. The prompts on its screen allow users to start or stop, pause or mute the recording, and add bookmarks during the lecture session. This system supports flipped classrooms and remote learning to engage students and faculties that are physically dispersed.

Crestron registers its presence in the lecture capture systems market with its core lecture capture solution, CaptureLiveHD. CaptureLiveHD includes Crestron Capture HD, a high-definition capture recorder which is managed by the Crestron Fusion software. CaptureLiveHD is a user-friendly and cost-effective lecture capture solution that offers high-definition recording (1080p).

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CRESTRON ELECTRONICS INC Presence in Lecture Capture Systems Solutions
Crestron is a recognized lecture capture systems hardware provider. The company has its presence globally across several business verticals, such as residential, corporate, education, hospitality, government, healthcare, luxury transportation, and retail. With the help of its 2 solutions, namely, Capture HD and CaptureLiveHD, Creston offers its customers an end-to-end package for recording, scheduling, and online delivering captured video content. The company continues to promote and develop its AV industry offering in the lecture capture systems market by undertaking acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and collaborations with leading organizations. In June 2017, Panopto extended its partnership with Crestron to integrate the Crestron control system with its video content management system. This empowered Creston’s customers with a one-click on-demand lecture capture solution. Crestron expands its presence in the key markets to serve a global clientele including businesses and academic institutions. With the objective of effectively engaging its clients and partners, Crestron opened a new residential research and testing lab at its New Jersey headquarters. In line with the company’s vision to provide homes and buildings an automated and controlled environment, the innovation center is Creston’s largest technology and test lab for AV, lighting loads, shading, digital media, and security systems.
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