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The platform offers unlimited cloud storage, configurable administrative dashboard, intuitive schedule builder, capture confidence builder, and delegated administration. It also enables student engagement, student polling, flipped classroom, and distance learning for enhanced learning experience. The features of the solution include advanced lecture scheduling, ad hoc recording, simple screencasting for apps for instructors and students, and mobile app learning on the go. Echo360 collaborates with leading education technology, content, and research organizations to achieve its mission of improving student success by enhancing student learning and engagement. The company has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Canvas, Moodle, Cengage Learning, Civitas Learning, cielo24, EMS, EQUELLA (Pearson), 3Play Media, Dell, IMS Global, and Lunar Line to offer innovative extensions to the education industry.

Echo360 is one of the leading players in the lecture capture systems market. The company combines industry-leading video, engagement, and analytics into one unified experience. The Echo360 lecture capture solution enables simultaneous live-streaming for remote learners and lecture recording. It has dedicated cloud platform for both hardware and software solutions, which can be used for capturing lectures and monitoring lessons.

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ECHO360 INC Presence in Lecture Capture Systems Solutions
Echo360, a recognized leader in the online video platform market, has a strong presence in the education industry. The company empowers its customers to leverage its industry-leading video, engagement, and analytics platforms and offers momentum to the learning strategies. The University of Ottawa deployed Echo360’s lecture capture solution to support active learning and enhance two-way communication between peers, educators, and course content. Therefore, Echo360’s lecture capture and active learning platform increased student participation and engagement in the University of Ottawa. The company focuses on strengthening its presence in the lecture capture systems market by undertaking acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and collaborations with LMS, content, and research organizations to deliver an improved learning experience. In June 2017, Echo360 announced its cloud-based academic video and active learning platform hosted by AWS in Canada. This cloud-based solution would allow Echo360’s customers to easily and effectively scale solutions, integrate with multiple campus-wide systems, and take advantage of new updates and technologies. To engage its clients and partners effectively, Echo360 makes enhancements in its existing offerings by encouraging innovations. In May 2017, Echo360 introduced new capabilities in its lecture capture software to provide educators and students a reliable video capture solution for classrooms. The solution enables automatic resizing, resuming, and recovery of video to ensure nonstop recording from classroom Personal Computers (PCs).
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