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Unlike many other load-testing solutions, Locust provides a more realistic, accurate, and cost-efficient way to assess the load-bearing capacity of multiple systems in a scalable manner without any threading problems. Apart from being open-source, distributed and scalable, Locust is also a reliable tool as it has been used to test millions of users. 

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Locust is an open-source, distributed, and scalable load-testing tool that enables enterprises to assess the load-bearing capacity of web applications and sites. Locust provides an accurate evaluation of how many users a platform can handle by letting the enterprises define realistic test scenarios and user behaviour, purely using Python code rather than traditional UI-based tools. 

Locust Pricing

Since Locust is an open-source load-testing platform, it is available to all businesses and users, without any cost. As there is no Locust pricing, it serves as a cost-efficient and widely revered load-testing solution for organizations of all sizes. As it is free of cost, there are no Locust Pricing plans.

Locust Demo 

As Locust is an open-source load testing solution, it is easily available to all enterprises at zero cost. Therefore, instead of a demo, interested users can access all the features by directly installing the entire platform. 

Locust Features 

Code-based User Behaviour Definition
  1. Create user test scenarios for load testing purely using Python code, instead of relying on the conventional and glitchy UI-based solutions
  2. Make the user test scenarios and user behaviour more realistic for testing by using coroutines, rather than callbacks 
Distributed & Scalable
  1. Assess the load-bearing capacity of your systems with Locust’s ability to distribute load tests over a large number of machines at a time.
  2. Evaluate the preparedness of your systems to handle varying loads of traffic with the platform’s high scalability 
Web-based UI
  1. Monitor the results of the load tests in real-time with the intuitive interface of the platform based on the fusion of HTML and JS.
  2. Conduct tests across multiple platforms with the cross-platform extensibility of the web-based load-testing platform
Compatible and Hackable
  1. Measure the load-testing capacity of various types of systems as the tool is high compatibility for nearly every system
  2. Leverage the lightweight multi-threading and asynchronous I/O processes of event to prevent any threading issues while testing


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Locust Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Distributed and Scalable”

Its ability to distribute tests over multiple systems and for a large number of users is very helpful in conducting tests faster.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Easy-to-use and Realistic Scenario Definition”

The user interface of Locust is well-designed to make it easy for users to define realistic user behaviour through coding.
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