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Azure Application Gateway
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Azure Application Gateway USP

Azure Application Gateway has some really great features which help in load balancing. The multitenant back-end support provided by Azure Application Gateway facilitates the configuration of the multi-tenant backend services. The Azure Application Gateway offers and supports access logs. Azure Application gateway also reduces the burden for SSL for web farms. The highly scalable feature of this software makes it very convenient to use for small as well as big teams. Request Azure Application Gateway Pricing to get more information.


Azure Application Gateway is a web traffic load balancer. This application enables the management of traffic on web applications. Azure application gateway makes routing decisions based on additional attributes of an HTTP request like the URI path or host readers. One can route traffic based on the incoming URL. Thus, if images are in the incoming URL  one can route them to a specific set of servers known as a pool configured for images. If video is in the URL that traffic is routed to another pool that’s optimized for videos. 

Azure Application Gateway Pricing

Azure Application Gateway pricing differs with respect to the plan which the user is opting for, mainly there are three i.e. plans small, medium and large. The Azure Application Gateway pricing starts from ₹1.6525 per gateway-hour to ₹29.6112 per gateway-hour.

Application Gateway Demo

For using Azure load balancer, there are numerous training sessions provided on the website, where one can learn load balancer and the different functions of it and then start working on live projects.

Azure Application Gateway Features

Web application firewall
  1. Equipped with an integrated web application firewall with the Azure Application Gateway 
  2. Secures web-based applications from session hijacks, cross-site scripting breaches, SQL injection, and common web attacks
HTTP load balancing
  1. Perform Load balancing on the  Azure Application Gateway at level 7 which is applied only for HTTPS
The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer offload) 
  1. Eliminate the expensive business of HTTPS traffic and decrypt off client web servers with this SSL.  
  2. Relieve the burden of decryption from a web server by terminating SSL connection on Application Gateway, plus forwarding an unencrypted request to a server, it relieves a web server from the burden of decryption
URL-based content routing
  1. Enables the use of unique back-end servers by analyzing the traffic
  2. Lessen the back end load which is not featuring any content


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Azure Application Gateway
63 Buyers Negotiating
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The features of the Azure Application Gateway are latest and they help in playing a significant role in the operations of the project
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