A virtual private network or a VPN software provides businesses with online privacy as well as obscurity by generating a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs cover the internet protocol (IP) address so that the businesses’ online actions are virtually undetectable. Most significantly, best VPN software establish secure and encoded connections to deliver better privacy as compared to a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. VPNs fundamentally create a data tunnel between the local network and an exit node in other location, which could be a huge number of miles away, making it seem as if the business in another place. This benefit enables online freedom, or the capability to access the favourite apps and websites while on the go.

Top 10 Best VPN Software

  1. TunnelBear VPN Software
  2. NordVPN VPN Software
  3. ExpressVPN VPN Software
  4. HIDEme VPN Software
  5. PureVPN VPN Software
  6. VyprVPN VPN Software
  7. OpenVPN VPN Software
  8. Hotspot Shield VPN
  9. Freelan VPN Software
  10. PlexVPN VPN Software

Market Overview

VPN software mostly operates on a cloud-based network infrastructure, which is also sometimes denoted as hosted VPN or VPN as a Service (VPNaaS). VPN provides a global VPN access to end-users, including subscribers and third-party users, over the public internet. A VPN is mostly meant to permit a user, an internet connection, over a server, run by an enterprise. As most of the data or information on the server is encrypted for privacy, a cloud VPN can provide a secure access over the internet for using the private network through the virtual environment.


Growing trends toward virtual appliances

In the current scenario of technology adoption, it is seen that there is a high growth in the demand for virtual appliances or technologies in the field of networking, application delivery, and security products. Various companies have felt the decline in sales growth for physical appliances and rise in virtual appliances. The demand for virtualization is because of its greater agility, faster service deployment, increased efficiency, lower Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)/Operational Expenditure (OPEX) etc. Cloud access gateways or cloud VPN gateways are part of virtual appliances, which are necessary for end-to-end connections to create VPN connections through the cloud platform. Virtual appliances are providing full-featured secure network tunneling that integrates server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, and simplified the user interface. The hardware or software versions of virtual appliances can be installed in less time, and help in removing extra VPN tunnel requirement from a remote access location.

Growth in demand for cloud services

As the whole world is aspiring toward virtualization, enterprises are eagerly adopting private and public cloud services, thereby fueling the demand for network resource sharing. Enterprises now want the ability to access infrastructure, applications, and other IT resources on-demand, thus fundamentally paving the path for a virtual resource-sharing environment. Cloud VPN makes it possible to convert such physical networking elements into sharable virtual resources, hence serving the purpose and making it an apparent solution for data centers. With specific requirements, such as increased security, business reorganizations, mergers, and consolidations, cloud providers have to meet the stringent scalability specifications for storage, computing, and network resource sharing, further encouraging the growth of cloud VPN.

Increase in data security issues

A trend toward the increasing use of public cloud and managed services has increased data security concerns. Security can act as a stringent factor while sharing vital resources or information, over the cloud, through a VPN. Hence, cloud-based security solutions, attached to VPN, eradicate these obstructions while meeting other specifications. Rise in the requirement for a convenient, low-cost, and flexible security solution, and growing awareness about IT security have driven the adoption of cloud-based VPN software and services among end-users. Cloud VPN provides the end-users with secure remote access by creating an encrypted network connection through the traffic. With increasing security vulnerabilities for enterprises, a cloud VPN can be used to provide a security layer to private and public networks, such as Wi- Fi hotspots and the internet.


Growing demand for remote access

Demand for secure remote access, especially secure mobile access, remains strong in the mid-market and enterprises. Providing a secure remote access for provider admins and customers, hosted at remote data centers (clouds), is very essential in the current scenario. Essentially, cloud provider admins and customers do not reside at the private cloud data center. As such, they both need remote access. The provider admins need access to manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure. Each customer needs secure remote access to manage and configure the cloud services that they have purchased. Cloud VPN software enable a single platform to provide secure access to both IT admins and customers, on a single physical or virtual appliance.

Increasing adoption of private clouds

Enterprises nowadays are opting for private clouds, as they are more cost-effective than maintaining an on-premises data centre and the expensive IT resources, to manage the organization’s entire network. Enterprises are now looking at cloud environments to carry out their business activities. With the advent of cloud VPN, third-party data centres can now provide faster networks, simplify networks, and make them more flexible/programmable, to suit the needs of the clients. All organizations, with a tight budget of CAPEX and OPEX, are looking toward cloud environments to fulfil their IT needs, at a fraction of their traditional cost.


The competitive leadership mapping showcased provides information for Best VPN Software. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include the breadth of offering, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models, and subscriptions), features/functionality, delivery, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


TunnelBear, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, HIDEme, PureVPN, VyprVPN, OpenVPN, and Hotspot Shield VPN have been identified as Visionary Leaders in the VPN Software market. 


Freelan, FortiClient, IPVanish VPN, GOOSE VPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimite, AnyConnect, FastestVPN, and NCP have been identified as Dynamic Differentiators in the VPN Software market.


PlexVPN, Tunnel VPN, UFO VPN, SSL VPN, RitaVPN, RUSVPN, and Surfshark have been recognized as Innovators in the VPN Software market.


Ivacy, OneVPN, CyberGhost VPN, ZenMate VPN, SoftEther VPN, CactusVPN, and Pangeo have been positioned as Emerging Companies in the VPN Software market.

Why use a VPN Software?

Privacy and security

One of the major benefits of using a best VPN software is to keep the data protected and online activity secluded. An ISP and some companies have ways to keep a track on everything the user does online. Some mechanically relate using a best VPN software or trying to keep the activity private with evil purposes. That’s definitely not the case for a large bulk of users. The reason why several users make use of a VPN software is really simply due to the peace of mind that it provides. The understandable security and privacy benefits of a best VPN software come when the business is connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Depending on the user location, Wi-Fi could be extensively available at coffee shops, eateries, bars, and on school campuses. There is literally no way to know the type of security is available on these networks, though. Some can also use these public connections to spy and rob the data. As a rule of thumb, businesses should never do anything like online banking when linked to such networks without having a VPN software.

Defend multiple devices

Most paid VPN software offer several instantaneous connections, which enables users to be able to secure all their devices, be it a PC, smartphone, tablet, and even a smart TVs or gaming consoles, all at once. The number of concurrent connections that a VPN software allows differs from service to service, but the users can choose one that best matches their needs. Between three and seven VPN connections are usually what businesses get from VPN software providers. What if a business has a huge number of devices to be protected? Maybe businesses want to guarantee that all their devices on the network are always secure without having to recall to connect to the VPN. A VPN router turns out to be a perfect choice in that case. These routers are capable of running VPN software straight with little concern and lets users connect all their devices to it without requiring any extra software or apps. Of course, a VPN router enables users bypass the problem of limited instantaneous connections as well.

Operate remotely

If a user is employed in a corporate office of any sort, the user perhaps has to connect to an interior or local area network (LAN). At a time where fairly a few people, whose job pay for them, are currently working from home, a best VPN software allows them to connect to the office network and work remotely. Users can access any private information they need that would otherwise only be accessible in the office. The data is encoded as it travels to and from home. Corporate VPNs that are used to link to office networks are very dissimilar from the consumer-grade services that are meant for personal use. The user, or the company’s IT manager, will need to physically set up the VPN on their devices initially to make sure that they have access to the office network as essential.

Unlock certain websites and bypass filters

A big number of VPN software services claim the fact that they can help businesses avoid geolocation limits, mostly when it comes to streaming services. It is often their main advantage over competitors and one of the key reasons someone uses one initially. It’s not the poorest thing one can do, since the users still have to pay for the service irrespective, but there are concerns. There is a reason why some content is accessible only in some regions and not others. In the best-case situation, a few content providers “frown upon” using such services. That said, a huge number of streaming services aggressively work towards prohibiting access to its content when using a VPN. A few countries block precise types of websites and content for several reasons. A VPN allows businesses avoid these filters as well. That is precisely what a best VPN software is supposed to do. But something to keep in mind is that making use of a best VPN software for any purpose is unlawful in some countries and the users wouldn’t want to break the regulation in these countries.

What are the types of VPNs and VPN Protocols?

Types of VPN

Remote Access VPN

Remote access VPN helps a user to join a private network and access its services and resources from remote locations. The connection between the user and the private network occurs via the Internet and the connection is protected and secluded. Remote Access VPN is valuable for business users as well as home users. A company employee, while commuting, uses a VPN to connect to his or her company’s private network and remotely access the files and resources on the private network. Home based users, or private consumers of VPN, mainly use VPN software to avoid regional restrictions on the Internet and access blocked websites. Users aware of Internet safety also use VPN software to improve their Internet security and privacy.

Site – to – Site VPN

A Site-to-Site VPN is also referred to as Router-to-Router VPN and is typically used in the corporates. Businesses that have offices in diverse geographical locations, make use of Site-to-site VPN to connect the network of one office location to the network at another office location. When numerous offices of the same organization are connected with the help of Site-to-Site VPN type, it is referred to as Intranet based VPN. When businesses make use of Site-to-site VPN type to link to the office of another company, it is known as Extranet based VPN. Fundamentally, Site-to-site VPN generates a virtual bridge between the networks at physically aloof offices and connects them via the Internet and preserves a safe and private communication between the networks. Subsequently Site-to-site VPN is built on Router-to-Router communication, in this VPN type one router acts as a VPN Client and the other router as a VPN Server. The communication between both the routers begins only after a verification is authenticated between the two.

Client-Based VPN

Client-based VPNs link users to a remote network with the help of an application or a client that manages the establishing and communication procedure of the VPN. To get access to the safe connection, the software needs to be launched and validated with the help of a VPN username and password. This is how the encoded link is created between the device and the remote network for safe exchange of data. As far as executing a client-based VPN is concerned, operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Android, as well as iOS also come with the choice to physically configure the encoded connection based on a diversity of standards.

Types of VPN Protocols

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec):

Internet Protocol Security, referred to as IPSec, is used to protect Internet communication across an IP network. IPSec safeguards Internet Protocol communication by confirming the session and encodes each data packet during the connection.

IPSec functions in 2 modes:

(i) Transport mode

(ii) Tunneling mode

The task of transport mode is to encode the message in the data packet and the tunneling mode encodes the complete data packet. IPSec can also be used along with additional security protocols to enhance the security system.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP):

L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is a tunneling protocol that is frequently joined with other VPN security protocol such as the IPSec to launch a very secure VPN connection. L2TP produces a tunnel among two L2TP connection points and IPSec protocol encodes the data and upholds secure communication between the tunnel.

Point–to–Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP):

PPTP or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol creates a tunnel and limits the data packet. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is used to encode the data amid the connections. PPTP is one of the most extensively used VPN protocol and has been in use ever since the early announcement of Windows. PPTP is also used on Mac and Linux apart from Windows.

SSL and TLS:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) produce a VPN assembly where the web browser acts as the client and the user access is limited to precise applications rather than the whole network. Online shopping websites frequently uses SSL and TLS protocol. It is simple to shift to SSL by web browsers and with nearly no action obligatory from the user as web browsers come combined with SSL and TLS. SSL connections have “https” in the initial of the URL instead of “http”.


OpenVPN is an open source VPN that is normally used for generating Point-to-Point and Site-to-Site connections. It uses an old-style security protocol based on SSL and TLS protocol.

Secure Shell (SSH):

Secure Shell or SSH creates the VPN tunnel via which the data transfer happens and also guarantees that the tunnel is encoded. SSH connections are created by a SSH client and data is shifted from a local port on to the remote server through the encoded tunnel.

What are the key features of a VPN Software?

Plentiful server locations

Best VPN software hides a user’s data by encoding it with a tunnel generated between the user’s device and the VPN’s web server. The user then takes on the IP address of the web server (instead of their true IP), and this leads to one gain of a VPN, specifically that a user can seem to be in a separate geographic location than they are really located in. This can have many usages, such as being able to access streaming services or shopping sites particular to a certain country, avoiding what’s known as geo-blocking.

Mobile apps

Most of the VPN service providers offer a client software for a Windows computer. But, the actual value of a VPN is in its mobile support, and in keeping the device secure when it accesses public Wi-Fi. So, when selecting a VPN, users should make sure that it supports the platforms for the mobile devices that they use. Most software providers offer apps for at least Android and iOS, but it is important to check out the setup guidelines in the Support pages, too. ExpressVPN provides guides on physically setting up Windows Phone, BlackBerry, ebook readers, Linux and several other platforms.

Integrated kill switch

No VPN service is fully safe, and they can be vulnerable to IP leaks, which expose the true IP address when the users are online. This can happen more often when the VPN service gets burdened. The solution is a VPN kill switch, that can track for the VPN connection deteriorating – when the connection drops, that’s when the exact IP will be exposed, and in this case, the kill switch shuts down the transfer of data. In short, as the name suggests, it kills the connection, stopping unencrypted data from being transmitted. While not all best VPN software providers offer a kill switch, some do, with the feature entrenched in the client software. Users should look for a combined VPN kill switch with the service, and they have to be sure to turn it on in the VPN app’s settings; many are disabled by default.

Anonymous DNS servers

DNS (Domain Name System) resolution is the procedure that converts the address that the user types into their web browser's address bar into the IP address that the worldwide web uses to route traffic to the user. Maximum users do the DNS translation, by default, via their ISP, although this can be simply changed. Obviously, while using a VPN the goal is privacy, and consequently users want the VPN to be set up to defend them in the DNS translation process as well.

No log policy

VPN services vary on their logging guidelines. Some VPNs may keep fundamentals of browsing activity for months, for instance – possibly data that could be turned over to specialists, if demanded. Preferably, users want a VPN which has a ‘no log’ policy, though it is critical to know, since numerous providers will claim they offer this, when the truth is they may still keep some data. It pays to prudently read the VPN provider’s privacy guidelines and confirm there are no unseen catches in this regard.

Router support

Rather than fitting the VPN on all the separate devices, an alternative strategy is to simply install the VPN straight on the router of the home network, and then all the devices connected to the network will have the advantage of VPN protection. While this is frequently a better plan, it needs two things: a well-matched router, and a VPN service that supports this. Getting a VPN to work on a router is a decent intermediate networking project.

Support for OpenVPN

While all best VPN software keep the data private by generating an encoded data tunnel between the client and the VPN server, there are numerous protocols for executing this data encryption. The better the selection and more selection of protocols that a VPN software service provides, the better, but the users particularly want a service which supports the OpenVPN protocol. This is the most contemporary protocol in normal use, and is perceived highly secure – rather the user’s VPN will allow them to pick between the two flavours of OpenVPN (TCP and UDP).

Low price

Maybe this seems like an understandable point to make, but it’s important for the users to understand that there are a very extensive variety of plans and pricing variants when it comes to best VPN Software. Almost always, the users will get a much inexpensive deal if they commit for at least a year’s worth of service, and they can also get some truly bargain-basement deals with some service providers. At the same time, it is important for the users to have in mind that occasionally the most basic plans won’t have the complete range of features, and the users might be missing out on a few important features.

Cross-platform support

Best VPN software should be able to function well on any device. To do this, system guidelines for diverse platforms should be provided by the vendor.


It’s a known fact that VPN comes with decrease in Internet speed. This is owing to the fact that signals need to travel long distances and the requirements of the encryption and decryption processes. Businesses should opt for a service that has negligible impact on Internet speed.

Simultaneous connections

Numerous services allow users to use only single device at a time. However, many software providers allow customers to link numerous devices all at the same time.

What are the major benefits of using a VPN Software?

Secures private information

Websites and apps can continually track the user’s online activity, assessing the data they collect. Best VPN software can avert web browsers and others from accessing the user’s connection, helping to keep the shared info and receive unidentified and secure. Some VPNs also provide military-grade 256-bit encryption of the data.

Escape data-throttling

Data throttling happens when the users have already consumed a certain amount of their data and, as a result, their internet service provider slows down their service. With a best VPN software, not only will the data be free from the snooping eyes of ISPs and others, but the users also won’t be topic to a data cap. ISPs can place caps on data to make the most of internet speed for some of their customers.

Avoid bandwidth-throttling

In case of slower internet speeds on some websites and at different times, users may have experienced bandwidth throttling. ISPs — or anybody with managerial controls over the network — might be accountable for the stoppage. A VPN software can stop the slowness by encoding the device’s internet traffic. This averts anyone on the same network from checking the content of the web traffic and masks its destination.

Access region-blocked services like Netflix*

Some VPN services may be able to access geo-blocked content like Netflix and other providers. A VPN service can change the IP address to make a content provider think that the user is browsing in another location or region that permits access. It is important for the users to check the terms and conditions of service agreements to find out what’s allowable by their streaming service and follow those rules. Also, be aware that some countries may have consequences for using VPN to avoid its rules.

Provide network scalability

As businesses grow, so do the expenditures of building a devoted private network. Internet-based VPNs can help businesses to tap into network lines and network competence already accessible, possibly giving remote and international locations in specific better reach and service quality.

Improved Security

VPN has a lot of benefits to upsurge the user’s online safety and confidentiality when surfing the internet not only from hackers, but also from the government and telephony operator per DNS Leakage. But, if the users surf the web from any place, they could always do so without using a VPN. But if the users join a public Wi-Fi network, doing so through a Virtual Private Network will be better. The actual IP address will be protected while masking the actual location and the data will be encoded against possible interlopers. An ISP is used to view all the info stocks online by consumer covering data, password and private data. But when a VPN is in position, ISP’s will not be able to retrieve a user’s log. In its place, they see encoded statistics by the VPN server.

Remote Access

With the help of a VPN user information can be retrieved remotely from any place which allows users to access their content if there is any constraint on the site. Best VPN software can increase the company efficiency as the workers will not have to be in a specific location to get to be productive.


Every VPN service provider will constantly tend to exhibit different packages, and SEO professionals can select a perfect subscription package that will match his or her instant need saving price. There are many reasonable yet dependable VPN service providers out there with sociable subscriptions; this is one benefit SEO specialist can utilize.

Buying Cheap Tickets

One definitive secret that most users fail to comprehend is to use a VPN to buy inexpensive flight tickets limited to a specific location. All the reservation centres and airline operators have diverse prices for different countries. To get a reasonable flight ticket, users can look for a state that has a low expenses of living then equate it with the one that the user resides in, link through a VPN and get the ticket cheap. This trick also works for other payment services.

Anonymity or Bypass Limitation

With the help of a VPN, one can simply browse the internet completely without being tracked, as compared to other software. One of the key benefits of using a VPN connection service is that it allows users access to any website and web application secretly.

What are the main services provided by VPN Software providers?

The services component in the cloud VPN market includes integration, support and maintenance, and training and consulting. Apart from software solutions, cloud VPN vendors also offer services, so that they can help the organizations in adopting cloud VPN. The key vendors provide free as well as premium paid services to help their clients in deploying and managing the cloud VPN software. Customers adopting cloud VPN software may not be technically sound in implementing the solutions. Thus, for proper management and implementation of the solutions in organizations, services become a mandate.


End-users always face difficulties of skill gap, when it comes to implementing the cloud VPN oftware. End-user networks may have to be integrated into the cloud platform provided by the key players. These players offer integration services, which include assistance in deploying the cloud VPN software. They also provide services to upgrade from a legacy cloud VPN system to the latest cloud VPN versions. Moreover, these services adhere to the industry best practices to help organizations in deploying the cloud VPN software and utilizing them to their maximum potential.

Support and Maintenance

The support and maintenance services cover all the aspects of support, starting from routine activities to streamlining fault handling progressive product upgrade procedures, to product development. The cloud VPN vendors offer support and maintenance services from a pre-sales to the post-sales stage. This service also includes timely updates for software and application upgradations. The support service vendors provide support in the deployment of cloud VPN software, along with security for the customer data and the facility to re-train the end-users on the custom applications specific to the organization. The support and maintenance services focus on maintaining and transforming business-critical applications seamlessly, so that the cloud VPN companies can meet their ever-changing demands of the market. The support and maintenance services include 24/7 troubleshooting assistance; upgradation of the existing software solutions; problem-solving; modifications and enhancements; test scenario management; and rapid onsite reactions.

Training and Consulting

The training and consulting services include comprehensive software training to individuals and enterprises, to ensure that they can operate, administer, and maintain the vendor’s products. Training is tailored to address the needs of specific user groups, including developers, application administrators, and end-users. The full range of training programs includes staff training, product training, solution training, and train-the-trainer training. In the cloud VPN market, the clients also hire vendors as consultants to provide tailor-made solutions for their specific needs and requirements.

Best VPN Software

Comparing 32 vendors in VPN Software across 80 criteria.
All vendors(30)

The most distinguishing feature offered by TunnelBear VPN Software to its users is friendly and easy to understand user interface and reasonable pricing. Apart from this, the free trial makes it easier for users to have the first-hand experience of using the services before paying for them.

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NordVPN VPN Software provides an additional protective layer to safeguard the communication channels. This is done by the company applying encryption methods to all incoming and outgoing traffic so that no third party candidates can reach the sensitive data. Secure company from loss of confidentiality. Safe remote access to the staff. Modify the safety of company network. Link specific regional material online from everywhere in the globe.

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ExpressVPN VPN Software significantly helps the users in unblocking different websites and frees the internet. Moreover, it anonymizes all the online activities of the users by masking the online location as well as concealing the IP address. ExpressVPN VPN Software provides unlimited bandwidth, which makes streaming and downloading quite easy.

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HIDEme VPN Software offers a most distinguishing feature is its OpenVPN, which has now become the company standard. Apart from this, there is a free trial option wherein the users can explore the features without sharing the card details. HIDEme pricing, which is budget-friendly, makes it one of the most loved VPN service providers.

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PureVPN VPN Software works on all kinds of devices, Android, and iOS. The platform also allows multi-logins from one account. The app is easy to use, user-friendly, and permits access to every server regardless of the plan chosen along with unlimited data usage. The VPN’s split tunneling feature lets the users select the data sent through the VPN connection. PureVPN VPN Software is easy to download and install. It makes it easy to switch among servers. The platform is affordable, offers high-speed connections, and supportive customer service

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VyprVPN VPN Software is an easy-to-use service with an innate design that fits all its features into a small space. The platform features a remarkable interface that provides on the screen of any device or operating system without changing the layout. The platform serves more than 70 locations worldwide and protects privacy with just one click. The tools are committed to promoting productivity and efficiency for everyone. The software accelerates streaming and is risk-free. VyprVPN VPN Software does not rely on companies for network services and thereby allows them to control infrastructure to protect users’ privacy. The goal is to provide better privacy, security, internet freedom to increase accessibility and usability.

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OpenVPN VPN software provides a bunch of configuration and installation tools that secure the user’s data communication and internet privacy. The robust VPN server is easily manageable and can be set up effortlessly. It has a one-click client distribution, which makes business hassle-free.

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Hotspot Shield VPN Software is an application providing superior grade VPN service. With more than three thousand servers spread over eighty Countries worldwide and a 24×7 troubleshooting support team, Hotspot Shield VPN Software offers a Secure network with top-grade data encryption and Superfast internet speed. All these services are made available at reasonable price options, making it one of the most reliable and desirable VPN platforms. Hotspot Shield VPN is the fastest, most secure VPN for streaming shows, movies, games, videos, and more.

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Freelan VPN software understands the importance of privacy and prevents the government from spying on one’s data and confidential exchanges. The Freelan VPN software was built, keeping in mind the necessity of security where anyone can review the source code at any point of time.

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PlexVPN VPN software is a virtual private and secure networking solution that helps users to access all web content across the internet without any restrictions. The application provides users with high internet speed and a reliable and easy-to-use network. PlexVPN VPN software grants access by making network connections optimised. It is best suited for businesses and firms of all sizes. It is designed in such a manner that anyone can use it.

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FortiClient VPN Software is an integral part of Fortinet Security Fabric. Forticlient is known for providing multi-layered endpoint security which is based on behavior analysis. It offers protection against various potential known and unknown malwares. This cloud endpoint protection serves small and medium-sized businesses well. Forticlient VPN Software provides automated next-generation threat protection, visibility and control of software and hardware inventory across the entire security fabric.

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Tunnel VPN software has a long bandwidth connection, and a network spread across several countries. This feature allows users to avail of services from anywhere around the globe and enjoy seamless satisfactory incognito web services. The administrative user can give multiple user access authorization. The services can also be customized according to the user’s requirements, and the plan will cost according to the request requirements.

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IPVanish VPN software offers high-speed, secure server connections at a very affordable price. Their propaganda is to protect users from the malicious online environment and maintain user anonymity for providing security to confidential customer online data. Customers use this IP address changer software as a tool for connecting with IP addresses of different countries. IPVanish VPN software is reliable and easy to use, doesn’t require any prior technical training for the users to handle
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The top-grade safe and stable service provided by UFO VPN Software is available at affordable rates. It gives Ultra speed internet and has a 24×7 Troubleshooting feature. UFO VPN Software is available for a wide variety of platforms- Desktop PCs, Laptops, Phones, and Tablets, etc. One account can be linked to up to five devices. The platform protects data and maintains privacy, making it one of the best options available in the market today.
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RUSVPN VPN software helps the user to stream the highest quality videos online without any invasion of privacy by keeping the actual IP address of the device hidden. The VPN has lightning speed and connects to whatever server the user is interested in. RUSVPN VPN software has Wi-Fi security, which helps one to surf the internet outside in public without the fear of their data being pirated. It also helps the user in saving airline tickets and many more.

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Goose VPN software is perfect for personal as well as business needs. The pricing pack is also divided according to this, and the features are also adjusted accordingly. For personal use, the software fits the server to hide the location of the device for shopping and streaming purposes. On the other hand, the business account has features for protecting the employees and priority sorting via email and telephone.

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The SSL VPN software, founded in 2000 by Array Networks located in the USA, secures internet access for users. The cost-efficient appliance provides superior user-end experience and is cost-efficient with minimum complexity. The server options are customizable, and often users personalize the multiple network server connections as per their requirements. The AAA policies of SSL VPN software applications are concentrated on a per-user basis. SSL VPN software is easy to operate and can also be used with the competition’s VPN servers.

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Used by many for target analysis, secured networking, and many other designated purposes, KeepSolid VPN Software brings a complete package of necessary arrangements that are required for a wide range of online operations. Guaranteed security protocol makes such transactions full proof and reassures a strong front on data privacy.

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AnyConnect VPN Software raises the bar in VPN technology by providing excellent performance for IT clients. The software goes beyond traditional security services to offer a versatile range of endpoint security features and helps to streamline operations via a single agent. Enhanced security controls prevent non approved applications from compromising data structures.  AnyConnect VPN Software is used by some of the most renowned companies across the world.

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RitaVPN VPN software provides stringent privacy policy and strives to keep the users’ data secure and safe from all sources. It does not store the users’ activity and connection logs. The users can surf the internet in a safe environment because RitaVPN VPN software uses military-grade data privacy. RitaVPN works well with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G, etc.; it also offers excellent 24/7 customer service through live chat and email. It is suitable for everyone to use because it is quick and user-friendly.

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The most distinguishing feature offered by Surfshark VPN Software is called NoBorders. It is a feature that is activated by default and enables a user to get past national firewalls in restrictive countries. The other add-on feature offered by Surfshark is the access to Netflix in geo-restricted locations.

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The Cayman Island-based company FastestVPN VPN Software is dedicated to providing a seamless, fast, and secure web network service. They can work on almost all devices like Laptop/pc, iPhone, Xbox, AppleTV, Kindle, etc. and the operating system requirements are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. FastestVPN VPN Software is committed to users’ browsing safety by providing additional NAT firewalls, anti-malware software, etc. The internet kill switch protects users’ IP addresses from exposure on a drop of network connection.

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There is no fear of data leakage for Ivacy VPN software users, and if it detects that the connection has dropped, it uses its unique Internet Kill Switch feature to halt the internet. Ivacy VPN software prevents unauthorized access to the company data with the help of a dedicated IP and also allows the searching of both foreign and local content.

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The most distinguishing features offered by CyberGhost VPN Software include no-log policy and Wi-Fi protection with more than 6000+ servers and a 45-days money-back guarantee for the ease of the users. The VPN also offers the feature of stopping online censorship, which allows users to regain their online freedom.

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The most distinguishing features offered by NCP VPN Software is its endpoint security that makes it one of the most loved VPN service providers, among others. NCP VPN Software follows strict access requirements, which, if not met by a device, makes the device to be moved to a quarantine zone automatically with limited internet access allowed to the device.

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Managing loads of data every day and processing all of it through highly secured networks makes OpenVPN VPN software a widely chosen software. The security benefits that come along with the compelling nature of the OpenVPN VPN software makes it a simple and easy tool meant for the benefit of millions.

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ZenMate VPN Software is made in Germany and is used by over 47 million people. ZenMate VPN provides security and privacy to people all over the world while keeping no logs or history of any online activity. The company is run by a team devoted to ensuring secure internet usage.
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SoftEther VPN Software is one of the most versatile VPN platforms available in the market presently. There are enhanced features like LAN to LAN bridge, ad-hoc VPN, and remote access, which increases productivity. Cloud services and remote management makes SoftEther VPN Software very powerful. SoftEther’s importance is highlighted by the fact that several reputed businesses use it across the globe. The integrated tools can be used for network design, test, and simulation by professionals. This leads to greater customization and personalization opportunities, helping to increase usability and accessibility.
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CactusVPN VPN software allows its users to have high-speed VPN servers, unlimited speed with no bandwidth limit whatsoever, and secure data encryption. It is an excellent VPN provider because it allows up to 5 devices to be in use simultaneously. The users have the advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee. The features make CactusVPN convenient for use by anyone from anywhere.

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Safe, secure, and used by millions of professionals all over the world, Pangeo VPN Software has been providing excellent quality service over all these years. The enriched user experience, along with the vast set of security features, makes Pangeo VPN Software reliable as well as efficient at the same time.

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