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Snapt USP

By amalgamating the functions of a load balancer, Web Accelerator, and WAF on one platform, Snapt provides the users with an unprecedented growth experience with convenience and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the DNS-based load balancing service, provided through the Global Server Load Balancing feature, offers Snapt an edge over other load balancing solutions. 

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Snapt Load Balancing Software is an all-inclusive software-based Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that encompasses a multitude of features, including Layer 7 load balancing, web acceleration, web application security, and DNS-based load balancing. With a comprehensive package of advanced features, Snapt Load Balancing Software enables DevOps teams, developers, and system admins to manage traffic more easily, ensure better web security, and accelerate the performance of the servers and websites.

Snapt Features 


  • Load Balancing
    • Manage any TCP traffic with ease and efficiency using Snapt’s Layer 7 HTTP/S load balancer
    • Avail valuable insights into the performance of all the servers from a single platform using the reporting and alerts features


  • Global Server Load Balancing
    • Direct the online traffic to distant infrastructures using the GeoIP-based routing feature of Snapt’s DNS server
    • Ascertain the health of your services in advance and make efficient backup decisions using the Layer 7 Health Checking feature


  • Web Acceleration
    • Reduce the load off the servers and minimize the webpage load times using the quick caching system 
    • Achieve the greatly desired A+SSL and PageSpeed ratings to invite more search engine traffic to the sites using Snapt’s Web Accelerator


  • Web Application Firewall
    • Detect various security threats, including SQL injections, data leaks, and intrusion attempts, with the HTTP/S Requests Scanning Functionality
    • Mitigate cybersecurity threats using features like the robust HTTP/S firewall, blacklisting, geographic rulesets and more

Snapt Pricing
The Snapt Pricing ranges from $1200 per year to $9500 per year, based on the requirements of the business. Here are the Snapt pricing segments:

Essential: $1200 per year 

Growth: $1850 per year 

ADC-2G: $4900 per year 

ADC-5G: $9500 per year 

Snapt Demo 

Snapt Load Balancing Software offers a free trial for 14 days to let all the users explore its features well before purchasing. The interested users can easily access the demo for Snapt by sending on the Free Trial link available on its website.


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  • +11
    Cloud, Web-based, SaaS
  • +14
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +12
    Issue Tracking
  • +11
    Logging and Reporting
  • +13
    Security Monitoring
  • +11
    IT Alerting
  • +12
    Network Capacity
  • +14
    Website Protection
  • +5
    Application-Layer Controls
  • +9
  • +13
  • +12
  • +8
  • +7
    Live Support Chat
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +6
  • +14
    Reporting and Analytics
  • +8
    Anomoly Detection
  • +6
    Attack Mitigation
  • +13
    DNS Protection
  • -5
    Infrastructure Protection
  • -7
    Network Monitoring
  • -10
    Real-Time Monitoring
  • -9
    Server Clustering
  • -8
    API / Integrations
  • -7
    Network Controls
  • -10
    Performance and Reliability
  • -6
    Traffic Controls

Snapt Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Fast and Feature-rich”

Snapt is a very fast and lightweight application delivery solution adorned with a lot of features for a reasonable price.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 04, 2020

“Very Advanced yet Very Simple”

Snapt can be set up in very few steps and is quite simple and seamless to manage, despite its sophisticated features.
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