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AlienVault offers a huge set of softwares, such as vulnerability management, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, log analysis software, compliance management, and security intelligence. The company provides log management solutions across on-premises as well as cloud, including log management for AWS and log management for Microsoft Azure. Automated log analysis and management in AlienVault USM offers threat detection and protection across various IT platforms. The company launches advanced log management offerings to meet the customer requirements. Recently, in 2017, it launched the USM platform to provide effective threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across on-premises as well as cloud environment. In 2015, AlientVault launched the enhanced Open Threat Exchange (OTX) to offer better threat intelligence capabilities across networks. In addition, it enhanced its USM platform to help enterprises secure their IT infrastructure, thus expanding the regulatory and compliance requirements. AlienVault delivers a strong log analysis service for the IT security, which provides a strong event management across enterprise cloud and on-premises. Request ALIENVAULT Pricing to get more information.


AlienVault develops commercial and open-source products to prevent cyber threats. The company offers various products, such as AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM), AlienVault Open Source SIEM (OSSIM), and solutions, including Security Essentials and Compliance Management. It also provides customized solutions for banking and cloud. AlienVault provides security intelligence, threat analysis, and log analysis solutions in the field of security analytics. The company caters to a variety of verticals, such as telecommunication, retail, automobile, BFSI, IT, aerospace, government, hospitality, healthcare, and media and entertainment.

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