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  • Colorado, USA
  • 2003
  • $101MN to $500MN
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Company Overview
LogRhythm is one of the leading providers of security intelligence and analytics platform. LogRhythm offers advanced solutions, such as security intelligence platform, security analytics, SIEM, log management, network monitoring and forensics, endpoint monitoring and forensics, threat management, user behavior analytics, network threat detection, cybercrime detection, honeypot and deceptive analytics, and file integrity monitoring. These products help protect an organization's IT infrastructure and sensitive data from APTs and vulnerabilities. The advanced threat protection products are based on security intelligence and protect the critical infrastructure in a proactive manner from the rapidly growing advanced threats. The company also offers different services, such as incident investigation and response, training and education, and support.

LogRhythm Log Analysis Software has a wide product portfolio in next-generation security intelligence, log management, network forensics, endpoint monitoring, and analytics solutions. The company's next-generation log management platform collects, stores the logs, analyzes the events, and performs faster threat detection by advanced visualizations. The LogRhythm platform provides various features, such as high-performance processing, faster indexing, flexible search interface, efficient data management, real-time high availability, and easy expansion. Effective organic growth strategy has put LogRhythm in a leading position in the log management market. For instance, in 2016, the company launched a new security intelligence and analytics platform, LogRhythm 7.2, which offered more efficient and powerful threat management capabilities.

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