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CMMS maintenance management software is the ultimate management support along with the data maintenance and keeping fast-tracking on every delivery related information is the basic job done by CMMS software. CMMS maintenance management software automates to give the maintenance crew a chance to solve the problem before they occur by predicting equipment issues. Starting from having the pinpoint of each vehicle’s location to keep track of the farm’s physical assets and managing their upkeep, can be managed just by a subscription. 

CMMS Features: 


  • Work Order Management
      • Keeps track of every order details and repair of assets. 
      • Generates work orders by checking the preset maintenance schedule. 
      • Responds to every repair request entered by any authorized personnel.
  • Purchasing Movement
      • Has a strong connection with the purchasing module as well as every repair or maintenance action request. 
      • Initiates parts or material requisition to supply to the maintenance crew with necessary items. 
      • Offers functionality and forms for purchasing orders, returns, invoices and receiving. 
  • Preventive Maintenance
      • Generates work orders following the last completed maintenance date. 
      • Triggers new all-new maintenance work orders according to the provided meter data. 
      • Helps to create work orders maintaining the available schedule. 
  • Predictive Management
    • Gives access to all the necessary information from the archives. 
    • Keeps all the soft data that is necessary, saves. 
    • Gives the maintenance crew a chance to solve the problem before they occur by predicting equipment issues. 

CMMS Pricing: 


Considering the high demand this software is made to be cost-effective. However, they have three different CMMS Pricing plans in their website. The CMMS Pricing plans are mentioned below. 

  • Basic Plan: $39 for a month for 50 work orders/one site. 
  • Starter Plan: $79 for a month for 100 work orders/ five sites. 
  • Enhanced Plan: $149 for a month for 200 work orders/ fifteen sites.


CMMS Demo: 


CMMS maintenance management software demo is only available for users who will be purchasing this. But, for getting a real product demo, there is a helpline option and customers need to get in touch with them. They will arrange a product demo for a time being that is decided by the providers.


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CMMS Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Asset Maintenance To Some Other Level”

CMMS software is highly cloud-based and it actively manages assets that too across numerous numbers of business locations.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Makes The Purchasing Experience Smooth”

The purchasing management part is so active that the information of availability reaches to the crew just within a few minutes.
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