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The USP of LYNQ MES software is its capability to track, adapt, analyze and thereby optimize manufacturing business workflows. It allows users to fully understand the ways operations are managed and the sources from where the losses arise. This enables effective responsiveness to reduce losses and increase margins.

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LYNQ MES software is a plug and play Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software built for small to mid-sized manufacturing enterprises aimed at reinventing, driving and digitizing factory performance. 


The digital factory is based upon Manufacturing Operations management (MOM) solution that helps in enriching and extending the existing Production Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to enable enterprises to meet the requirements respective industry demands. 

LYNQ Features


→ Plan and Track

  • Schedule effectively all factory resources with online plans and interactive job listings. 
  • Collect data in real-time and effectively track factory equipment, employees and jobs.  


Automate and Analyse

  • Integrate automatic data capturing from machines and other devices to automate tasks and save on time. 
  • Make the performance of the factory operations top-notch with loss visualization and analyze better. 


Increase Margins

  • Eliminate and visualize loss in manufacturing to reduce input costs and thereby increase profit margins.  
  • Optimize manufacturing workflow by making use of an all-in-one solution to integrate planning and production activities. 

The All-in-one platform

  • Make use of the latest technologies and a smart manager MOM/MES to ease up workflows. 
  • Use Intuitive browser-based user interface to operate from anywhere and anytime. 


LYNQ Pricing

LYNQ Pricing starts at $20000 as a one-time payment for a perpetual license. MSE software that helps manufacturing entities to adapt and thrive in the competitive arena, LYNQ Pricing is a cost to enable delivery, quality and financial competence. Here are the LYNQ Pricings in detail:

Perpetual License: $20,000 unlimited users. 


It is a hassle-free task to book a demo for the LYNQ MES software to see what the manufacturing execution solution is capable of doing for a manufacturing business. The option to book a 30-minute long demo with an accompanying expert can be easily accessed on the official website of the LYNQ platform and the timings can be selected as per convenience.  


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LYNQ Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Increase Output”

LYNQ enables maximum utilization with advanced factory planning and job scheduling to increase factory output by manufacturing workflow integration.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Unleash Business Potential”

LYNQ MES offers effective resource management that helps in extending native ERP functionality with a single web-based platform that is easy and quick to deploy and get optimal results.
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