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The USP of ROB EX MES software is its interactive capability to help planners create production schedules and manage dynamic business workflows by integrating scheduling features with existing business systems such as ERP, plant floor controls and MES. Comprehensive features such as bottleneck optimization, capacity planning, constraint scheduling, material planning, Priority-Based scheduling, and automated scheduling make ROB EX relevant across the industry. 

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ROB EX MES software is a production scheduling and manufacturing execution solution that helps businesses to garner efficiency and overview production operations and prevent delayed deliveries. It helps business planners to create interactive dynamic and effective scheduling schemes based on asset and resource capacity. 


The integration points with the existing business systems such as ERP and plant floor controls allow manufacturing entities to remove operation bottlenecks seamlessly. 

ROB EX Features


→ Discrete Manufacturing 

  • Schedule and reschedule effectively making use of a fully viewable graphic overview and plan ahead for an extended period. 
  • Balance workload on machines and minimize non-productivity by optimizing asset utilization.


→ Increase Flexibility and Predictability 

  • Get an overview of the realistic delivery times through simulation of potential new orders.
  • Provide new customers with reliable and accurate answers regarding the delivery timelines.


→ Mark Production to stock and orders

  • Distinguish easily between orders meant for stock and orders meant for sales. 
  • Make relevant tweaks to the prioritization and bump up production for rush orders and adjust production to stock.

→ Plan ahead 

  • Deal with unforeseen delays or events and respond at the earliest to the clients with updated info.
  • Use full data integration between ROB EX and ERP system as the data only needs to be entered once. 


ROB EX Pricing

ROB EX pricing is pegged at $4000 as a one-time payment. The comprehensive MES solution is tailored to the requirements of entities across a broad range of sectors with ROB EX pricing making for an easy to get aboard MES solution. Here are the ROB EX Pricing plans in a detail:

Perpetual License: $4000 one time payment


ROB EX MES software provides users with a platform overview with the help of videos and offering a profile brochure up for the viewers to download from the official Manufacturing Execution Solution website. 


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ROB-EX Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Tailor-made for Manufacturing”

ROB EX focuses on all aspects of the production, Ensure adequate buffer capacity and manages processes efficiently.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Interactive Scheduling Solution”

ROB-EX Scheduler is an interactive tool that helps planners foresee and simulate potential orders and manage tasks accordingly to deliver on the promises to the customers.
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