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Anodyne is one of the best platforms to meet your medical payment expectations. It empowers medical personnel to process payments by increasing its rate and reducing the overall cost of payment collection. It helps you to automate manual processes and increase the efficiency of workflow. Anodyne also gives you the leverage of interacting with your patient’s financial prospects through channels such as IVR, Email, and Text. 

Anodyne Pricing

Anodyne Pricing is very lucrative. It is divided into 3 plans. The Silver Plan costs $99 per month while the Gold Plan costs $299 per year. The Platinum Plan is a highly customized plan, and the Anodyne Pricing for the same can be known only after requesting it from the seller after you chose your customizations. There is no free version available.  

Anodyne Demo

Anodyne provides a free demo for potential buyers. The demo version includes all the automated features but only for a limited period of time. 

Anodyne Features

Here are some powerful features of Anodyne which makes it a favoured option amongst medical personnel. 

  • Chatbot based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence automates the patient interaction process. 
  • It is live 24x7 which eases tasks for your patient, removing the slow and expensive manual mode of interaction. 
Patient Portal
  • Allows patients to log in and view their pending payment and helps them process it seamlessly. 
  • Offer them multiple platforms to let them pay their payment and ease the process. 
Rules Engine
  • Using analytics to develop specific patient interaction modules. 
  • The automated module shall help you maintain a personal touch with the patient by asking specific questions regarding their health and give you updates. 
  • Implement a patient outreach plan through a pre-programmed schedule. 
  • Works on the lines of Rules Engine by initiating calls for the patients and helping them book an appointment. 


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Anodyne Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 06, 2020

“Fluent payment module with automated results.”

Anodyne reduces the pressure by taking care of the payment process and collaborating with the patients. It also interacts with the patients automatically and informs us of their needs.
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James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Best offer at the price point.”

This budget friendly pricing software is the best you can get with all the automation process and efficient payment handling process.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 06, 2020

“Automatic E-statement with automated consulting.”

Anodyne has ensured our operative costs go down by sending e-statements and also bringing in automation in the consulting process.
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