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MIMECAST Secure Messaging


The Mailbox Continuity provides a management of downtime of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid primary email systems to boost organization’s productivity. It also provides access to all live and historical email and calendar information. The Enterprise Information Archiving is a highly scalable and resilient platform that combines automated tools for administrators to manage mailboxes, eDiscovery and litigation support, and powerful applications for employees, which help in faster data access. The solutions deliver a comprehensive email security and protect communications in the organization.


Mimecast is a leading provider of cloud-based email security solutions to SMEs and large enterprises across the globe. The company offers Secure Email Gateway, Mailbox Continuity, and Enterprise Information Archiving solutions in the messaging security market. The Secure Email Gateway is a cloudbased security solution that uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines, and intelligence capabilities to secure email data from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks. It leverages the capabilities to stop known and advanced email threats proactively before they reach organization’s network.

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MIMECAST Presence in Messaging Security Solutions
Mimecast is a major provider of security solutions and services in the messaging security market. The company has adopted various growth strategies such as new product launches, business expansions, and partnerships to expand in the messaging security market. In February 2017, the company enhanced Targeted Threat Protection service, and Internal Email Protect with the capabilities of scanning the attachments and URLs, as well as content inspections via DLP services. In October 2016, the company launched Data Logging API and Mimecast for Splunk app that allowed its customers and partners to integrate data to their security information and event management platform. In July 2015, the company launched spear phishing protection and delivered a robust security service. Moreover, in September 2016, the company expanded its business in the Middle East by appointing two security focused distributors. Mimecast has formed partnerships with the strong players and delivered its offerings to an increased number of customers. For instance, in June 2017, the company entered into a partnership with Insight to expand its footprints in the North American market. Similarly, the partnership with PhishMe in June 2017, helped the company to deliver enhanced protection against advanced spear-phishing, ransomware, and impersonation attacks. In October 2016, the company formed a partnership with ZeroFOX to help organizations protect email and social media platforms from cyber threats. Moreover, in June 2016, the company delivered a robust solution for secure migration of email archives to the cloud by partnering with Archive360. These strategies have helped the company to integrate its portfolio and customer base in the messaging security market.

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