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Illinois, USA
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Trustwave offers Secure Email Gateway, Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Cloud, and Trustwave Secure Email Encryption in the messaging security market. The Secure Email Gateway provides complete email protection and content control. The solution secures enterprise email environment from advanced malware, loss of corporate intellectual property along with managing stringent compliance policies. It also protects against phishing, blended and targeted threats, and strong management controls. Request TRUSTWAVE HOLDINGS INC Pricing to get more information.


The Trustwave Secure Email Gateway Cloud is an internet level security solution that eliminates threats before they reach the network and provides centralized security in distributed environments. It also reduces business costs and retains full control of policies, configuration, and reporting. The Trustwave Secure Email Encryption enables the user to send and receive sensitive emails or confidential documents more safely without requiring the recipient to download or install any software. It supports mobile devices and can be used in SMEs and large enterprises across all the industry verticals.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +8 Managed Services
  • +12 Email
  • +10 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +8 Scalability
  • +6 Anti spam/Anti malware
  • +11 Content filtering
  • +14 Data loss prevention
  • +13 Email Encryption
  • +7 On-Site Support
  • +8 Remote Support
  • +12 Web filtering
  • +7 Product Quality and Reliability
  • +10 Customer Support
  • +12 New Threat Discovery
  • +13 Real-time Reputation & Traffic Analysis
  • +11 Sales Support
  • +6 spam and phishing threats
  • +11 Tamper-resistant Fingerprints
  • +9 Technical Support
  • +14 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -7 Price Points and features
  • -5 Number of Innovations
  • -6 New Product Launches
  • -6 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -5 Product Features and Functionality
  • -7 R&D Spend
  • -7 Professional Services
  • -13 Instant Messaging
  • -14 On demand distribution
  • -5 Product Upgradation
  • -5 Real time distribution
  • -11 Hybrid
  • -9 On-Premise
  • -5 Information protection and control
  • -7 Financial Scams, Data Theft and Fraud
  • -14 Global Security Analytics
  • -12 Others, please specify
  • -9 Parental Controls
  • -10 Peer to Peer and Central Server architectures
  • -8 Privacy and Spying
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TRUSTWAVE HOLDINGS INC presence in Messaging Security Solutions

Trustwave is among the leading security solutions providers across the globe. The company has adopted various organic and inorganic business strategies to lead in the messaging security market. It has opened its headquarters in Chicago in June 2017 to expand its business in the region. In March 2017, it expanded its business in the Philippines to offer Trustwave managed security services. In 2016, the company opened Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC) in Australia and Japan to deliver security solutions to protect clients in these regions. In September 2016, the company launched Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCs) aiming to bolster the advanced managed security services and provide security solutions across the globe. Moreover, with the launch of cloud-based security platform in September 2015, the company enabled organizations to detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities and maintain compliance to boost the security.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Solution Features
  2. Products/Solutions Offered / Content filtering
  3. Product Features and Functionality / Communication Channel
  4. Product Quality and Reliability / Scalability
  5. Services Offered / Managed Services
  6. Products/Solutions Offered / Web filtering
  7. Products/Solutions Offered / Email Encryption
  8. Products/Solutions Offered / Data loss prevention
  9. Products/Solutions Offered / Anti spam/Anti malware
  10. Deployment Model / Hosted / On-Cloud
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