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Mind Vector
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Mind Vector USP

Mind Vector Mind Mapping Software enables users to visually represent ideas, thoughts, and concepts in the form of structured eye-catching visuals, thus accelerating the process of decision-making. The website offers quick access to customer support to enable a hassle-free customer experience. 


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Mind Vector Mind Mapping Software is an advanced mind-mapping software, developed by i2e Consulting LLC, that allows users to represent ideas and concepts in a unique way. Mind Vector enables the users to capture key information and ideas in an organized manner and expedites learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Mind Vector Pricing

Mind Vector Mind Mapping Software offers a simple enterprise pricing structure –

  • Mind Vector pricing for Basic version – Free-of-cost, allows three maps and limited access
  • Mind Vector pricing for Pro version - $9.99, allows unlimited maps and full access
  • Mind Vector pricing for Business version – For enterprise users, need to contact the company to acquire details about the

Mind Vector Demo

The Mind Vector website offers a free demo in the form of tutorial videos. Users can also access blogs and FAQs to make learning the software an easy task.


Easy organization of ideas

  • Enables users to gather and organize thoughts in a simple and visually appealing manner
  • Accelerates brain-storming and decision-making by converting ideas into interactive visuals

Intuitive interface

  • Keeps tracks of all things to be done in a simple, user-friendly interface
  • Helps users like CEOs, doctors, chefs, designers etc. to develop mind-maps using built-in nodes – root node, child node, and sibling node, and three different visualizers, in addition to user notes, images, and URL

Seamless Integration

  • Allows mind-mapping in mixed reality by easily integrating with Microsoft Hololens and augmenting 3D mind-maps with the real world, thus allowing a richer and more immersive experience
  • Enables users to create maps, and store it on the cloud, thus helping users to collaborate and share mind-maps with colleagues, and access maps from any platform through a simple sign-in

Other Features

  • Allows users to access mind-maps on computers anytime using the web version of Mind Vector
  • Helps in creating mind-maps on-the-go, on phones, iPads, and tablets, through the Mind Vector app that is compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Supports more than ten languages worldwide 


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Mind Vector
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Mind Vector Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 24, 2020

“Excellent brain tool”

Mind Vector expedites decision-making, enables users to visually organize ideas, and take notes during interviews and lectures.
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James Smith

Apr 24, 2020


Compatible with both iOS and Android, and integrates seamlessly with Cloud to enable sharing ideas with colleagues, web-based version allows easy access on computers.
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