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Geobank mining software is a secure and flexible data management solution. Geobank has been designed to address the, often, complex process of managing Geological information collected from mapping and drilling. It is scalable to any operation or enterprise size and applicable to any commodity type. It gives its users a different range of tools required to build a data management system. Geobank is the industry leading software that assists operations to collect and manipulate data in the field. With real-time validation and rich data input controls that minimise errors at the point of entry, Geobank ensures data accuracy.

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Geobank mining software is software that allows the data collection, validation and management of all geological data needs to be flexible and effective. Geobank is a software that provides a flexible and efficient environment for capturing, validating and managing data for all the geological data requirements. Geobank mining software delivers secure geological data management through an integrated platform, enabling flexibility and collaborative working. It sets the benchmark in geological data management, with it’s integrated platform, competent localised training and support, backed by trusted global provider MICROMINE.

Geobank Pricing

Geobank pricing can be enquired by sending an email or through online chat support that is provided on the website. For further details regarding the Geobank Pricing, interested users can contact the company or may visit the official website of Geobank.

Geobank Demo

Users can reach out to Geobank mining software by sending an email to get more information on Demo to check if it suits their industry.  

Geobank Features 

Advanced Reporting

  1. Allows the user to configure, store and run all the complex reports which are tailored to their requirement.
  2. Produces the reports in different formats ranging from simple text data to complex graphical reports.

Core Module

  1. Provides a different range of tools required to build a data management system.
  2. Allows data validation, storing and reporting and other aspects that can be tailored to meet the requirements for any individual, group or organization.


  1. Provides tools to database admins for centralized configuration management.
  2. Designed around a configuration manager to provide a secure Geobank solution.

Sample Tracker

  1. Provides tools to store and manage data related to the preparation and analysis of samples.
  2. Accurately records samples and sends them to various labs along with an analysis suite.


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Geobank Reviews


Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Great Reporting”

It generates reports in different formats, including PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, and CSV. A variety of reports that are typically required that can be tailored to user requirements. Report Designer provides the necessary tools to build fully customized report designs
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Professional feature”

The professional module of Geobank provides improved features specifically tailored for exploration and mining. This provides advanced software for displaying and handling data from the drill hole.
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