Sophos SafeGuard Encryption

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Sophos is known for its comprehensive security solutions for IT and endpoint security. The company intends to extend its product offerings and expand its clientele base continually. The company has been working diligently on accelerating advancements in the mobile encryption and security sector. Sophos has continually expanded its product offerings to serve growing security needs across the globe, which is a result of rising usage of mobile devices and growing number of cyber-attacks.Sophos security solutions cater to a diverse set of mobile devices, including removable media, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), PC, laptop, and other portable devices. In addition, the company also offers endpoint security, network security, and mobile device protection solutions to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Request SOPHOS LTD Pricing to get more information.


Company offers The SafeGuard Encryption 8, a synchronized encryption solution that protects data against theft from malware, attackers, or accidental leaks, is one of its well-received products that addresses the demand for usability and performance through the encryption of native OS. The company also provides Sophos Mobile Encryption app for Apple iPads and iPhones via which users can view Sophos SafeGuard encrypted files stored in Dropbox and iTunes. This app enables to read the files encrypted by Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise modules, namely, SafeGuard Cloud Storage and SafeGuard Data Exchange. All the Sophos mobile encryption offerings are a part of the Sophos EMM suite. In terms of product delivery, Sophos scores better than its competitors by offering flexible encryption options and excellent support for various authentication devices. However, the company can improve its product performance in high-security environments.
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