Mobile encryption refers to the encryption applied to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is a way of scrambling the data into another form, known as ciphertext, so that only authorized people with the correct decryption key can read it. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be encrypted using mobile encryption software, aimed at securing end-to-end data transfers, and voice and email-based communications among various stakeholders. The rising adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend among enterprises has resulted in the increased susceptibility of loss or theft of critical business information. Mobile devices are among the common points of data leakage in organizations. This has led to an increased need to protect critical information within these mobile devices in accordance with the encryption guidelines. Mobile encryption software comprises solutions and services that strengthen an organization’s security portfolio with strong encryption capabilities. Mobile encryption applications include disk encryption, file/folder encryption, communication encryption, and cloud encryption. ___________ 1. Micromarkets are defined as the further segments and subsegments of the global mobile encryption market included in the report 2. Core competencies of the companies are captured in terms of their key developments, key observations, and key strategies adopted by them to sustain their position in the market


Visionary leaders in mobile encryption software are the leading market players in terms of new developments such as product launches, innovative technologies, and the adoption of growth strategies. These players have a broad product offering that caters to most of the regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and their well-established brand equity.


Dynamic Differentiators in mobile encryption software are established players with very strong business strategies. However, they have a weaker product portfolio compared to the visionary leaders. They generally focus only on a specific type of technology related to the product.


Innovators in the mobile encryption software competitive leadership mapping are vendors that have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. The companies have focused on product portfolios. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business, when compared with the visionary leaders.


Emerging companies in mobile encrption software have niche product and service offerings. Their business strategies are not as strong as that of the established vendors. The emerging vendors include the new entrants in the market, emerging in terms of product portfolio and geographic reach, and require time to gain significant traction in the market.

Mobile Encryption Software

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AlertBoot is a niche vendor in the cloud-based data and mobile device security markets. The company entered the mobile encryption space after it started offering cloud/web-based disk encryption services. The company offers AlertBoot, a cloud-based suite of data security tools for individuals and organizations, which support cost-effective, scalable device encryption and management for smartphones, tablets, and computers. AlertBoot prevents unauthorized access to mobile and stationary endpoints and is a critical tool for supporting and enforcing acceptable use policies for mobile devices.
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The company has a distinct positioning in the market and is among the leaders and earliest providers of mobile encryption. The security offered by BlackBerrys encryption is insulated from breaches and intruder attacks. The Mobile Content Management (MCM) suite of the company ensures safe enterprise file sharing and synchronization through the BlackBerry Workspaces solution, which enables the users to share, edit, and control their files on every device. Enhanced encryption is implemented to secure these files from external breaches and attacks.
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Certes is a leading information security firm safeguarding enterprise data in motion. The company offers products that secure enterprise applications in Wide Area Network (WAN), Local area Network (LAN), cloud, internet, mobile, and virtualized environments. The major offerings of Certes include securing data in motion crossing any network ensuring any data compromised is rendered useless. These products enable customers to dynamically control data traffic security without dependence on firewalls or the network infrastructure. The offerings of Certes deliver software-defined features such as encryption, end-to-end traffic protection, simple policy management, and prevailing key controls, while maintaining the network and application performance.Certes deliver software-defined features such as encryption, end-to-end traffic protection, simple policy management, and prevailing key controls, while maintaining the network and application performance
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CSG is a leading innovator providing secure mobility solutions through two brands: Cellcrypt and Seecrypt. The company provides secure instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to government organizations and enterprises worldwide.Seecrypt commercializing the mobile encryption technology, which was originally developed for military use, into consumer and enterprise markets.The company offers encryption products and solutions through its two brands: Cellcrypt and Seecrypt. Cellcrypt is focused on serving government and military sectors, and provides secure calling and messaging through high-end encryption. Its end-to-end encryption ensures secure, encrypted voice and conference calls, secure messaging, and encrypted file transfers
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ESET specializes in providing anti-virus and firewall products, and develops security software solutions which deliver protection against computer security threats for home users and corporate customers worldwide.. ESET specializes in providing anti-virus and firewall products, and develops security software solutions which deliver protection against computer security threats for home users and corporate customers worldwide. ESET offers encryption for Windows and iOS. The major features of the encryption suite include full disk and removable media encryption; file, folder, and email encryption; security policy enforcement; and single Microsoft Installer (MSI) package.
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MobileIron is a market leader in the mobile security and EMM solutions market. Since its inception, MobileIron had the mission to transform businesses by integrating mobile security with IT platforms. Continuing on its mission statement, the company has developed many innovative solutions in the mobile IT landscape. To enhance its security portfolio, MobileIron incorporated encryption capabilities in its current set of offerings. MobileIron enables encryption for data at rest and data in motion across the enterprises. The MobileIron AppConnect containerization solution for apps protects corporate data at rest through several security controls, including encryption
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Sophos is known for its comprehensive security solutions for IT and endpoint security. The company intends to extend its product offerings and expand its clientele base continually. The company has been working diligently on accelerating advancements in the mobile encryption and security sector. Sophos has continually expanded its product offerings to serve growing security needs across the globe, which is a result of rising usage of mobile devices and growing number of cyber-attacks.Sophos security solutions cater to a diverse set of mobile devices, including removable media, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), PC, laptop, and other portable devices. In addition, the company also offers endpoint security, network security, and mobile device protection solutions to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
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Symantec Corporation is a prominent provider of solutions related to security, backup, and data protection. The company primarily focuses on the development of managed and secured network and gateways for the protection of client data. Due to the current dynamic market trends ranging from mobile and cloud to IoT, Symantec has readjusted its security solutions portfolio to expand its market reach. Over the years, the company is working toward the strategy of innovating solutions to protect data centers and endpoint security. The company provides its offerings to customers such as enterprises and SMBs. These solutions help end-users to secure their data against unauthorized data breach and information loss
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T-Systems provides a range of services catering to M2M, security, complementary mobile communications, and fixed network products.T-Systems has a significant presence in the ICT solutions market space. However, the company entered into the mobile encryption market with the launch of its mobile encryption app .T-Systems offers its customers with different cloud models, such as tailored private cloud, low-cost public cloud, and hybrid cloud
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