BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite

Ontario, Canada
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The company has a distinct positioning in the market and is among the leaders and earliest providers of mobile encryption. The security offered by BlackBerrys encryption is insulated from breaches and intruder attacks. The Mobile Content Management (MCM) suite of the company ensures safe enterprise file sharing and synchronization through the BlackBerry Workspaces solution, which enables the users to share, edit, and control their files on every device. Enhanced encryption is implemented to secure these files from external breaches and attacks. Request blackberry-limited Pricing to get more information.


The company also offers BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite for enterprises with features such as rich set of policy controls over password, device encryption, camera, Wi-Fi, and VPN. BlackBerry offers encrypted voice and messaging to enterprises through three solutions, namely, BBM Enterprise, SecuSUITE, and BlackBerry Connect. BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite provides an enhanced security model for BBM messages and videos, by providing secure and reliable real-time mobile messaging experience to the regulated industries. SecuSUITE is a software-based encryption solution that provides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices, which ensures the security of any organization’s sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping. BlackBerry Connect boosts communication and collaboration with secure instant messaging, corporate directory lookup, and user presence, by integrating with common Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions such as Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, and IBM Sametime. BlackBerry also enhances business class email and mobile productivity with BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Share, which deliver app-level encryption and data protection to employee devices. Overall, BlackBerry is a leader in its product strategy with good breadth of offerings, high level of features and functionalities, and variety of support plans for the end-users.
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