Huawei Modular Data Center Reviews & Details

  • Guangdong, China
  • 1987
  • $50BN to $100BN
Company Overview
Huawei's modular data center product portfolio includes FusionModule 2000 Series, FusionModule1000A All-in-One Container data center, FusionModule 1000B Prefabricated Modular data center, FusionModule 800 Smart Small data center, and FusionModule 500 Smart Mini data center. The FusionModule2000 Series provides complete integration of cabinets, power supply distributions, cooling, and cabling systems, thus facilitating quick deployments. The FusionModule 1000A All-in-One Container data center meets environmental protection and energy conservation requirements by offering prefabricated and integrated modular data center solutions. Huawei also provides technical support, which includes operation and maintenance, installation and upgrades, and fault management, for its FusionModule offerings. These products cater to enterprise requirements of cloud computing and virtualization by offering data center facilities that include fast deployment, flexible expansion, high efficiency and reliability, and intelligent management system.

Huawei offers modular data center solutions that comprise integrated cabinet system, power distribution system, cooling system, cabling system, and management system. The company also offers efficient, reliable, fast, and flexible modular data center solutions that help to reduce data center operational costs.

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