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Nmap is an open-source network mapping and scanning tool that helps in identifying hosts and services on a network. It was originally developed by Gordon Lyon for the Linux platform and later on ported to other platforms like Windows, macOS, and BSD. Nmap is a network security tool that provides essential features like port scanning, probing computer networks, etc.

Nmap Pricing

Nmap is free software that can be downloaded without any cost. Nmap pricing model does not exist as it is an open-source project, meaning its source code can further be modified and distributed under an open-source license. It is designed for both small and medium enterprises. 

Nmap Demo

Nmap does not offer a free trial or demo version as it is available free of cost. Anyone can download and start using the tool. Tech support is only available through community forums. There is no particular model followed for Nmap pricing.

Nmap Features

Some of the remarkable features that make Nmap stand apart are:

Portable and flexible tool
  • Developed originally for the Linux operating system, Nmap is now available across different platforms like Windows, macOS, Solaris, etc. 
  • It includes tons of advanced mapping and scanning features for providing enhanced security.
Community driven software
  • Nmap is open-source software that enjoys contribution from vibrant developers and users for constant updations of features
  • Queries get resolved quickly as more people contribute to the overall development
  • Host discovery, OS detection, port scanning, auditing of security devices, and network management are some of the remarkable features of Nmap.
  • Provide the option to use coded scripts as per the requirement
Easy to use 
  • Basic functionalities can be learned quickly.
  • It offers both a command line and a graphical interface. 


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Nmap Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 06, 2020

“The best network scanner”

Nmap is simple to learn and use the tool. Basic functions can be understood quickly and help in network management.
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James Smith

May 06, 2020

“Powerful and adaptable”

It is very well created to work across platforms with ease and also can adapt to the latency and congestion during the scanning, there is no particular model followed for Nmap pricing that makes it an ideal choice.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 06, 2020

“Feature-rich tool”

It offers a ton of features for management and auditing of the network.
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