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HoneIn USP

The USP of HoneIn is progress tracking through the intuitive dash. It is easy to use and improves the level of efficiency of the employees. It helps to reduce miscommunication and misunderstandings between team members bringing transparency and teamwork spirit.

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HoneIn is an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management company for individuals, teams, and organizations. It believes in setting up big goals and pursuing them. In 2017, HoneIn was founded in the United States. HoneIn helps your business to get aligned, flexible, and expand. 

HoneIn Features

HoneIn offers various outstanding features that help the user work seamlessly:

  • Providing Alignment
  • Affirm the relationship between the action and the objectives.
  • Helps the users to meet goal accomplishment.
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicator(KPI)
  • Provides KPI about the company's overall health and performance.
  • Sends a quick solution when we flag the most important metrics.
  •  Engaging employees at a deeper level
  • Provides a C-suite to each employee.
  • Allows employees to see the contributions thus motivating them in achieving their goal, set by the company. 
  •  Easy to use
  • Allows users to navigate through the goals easily.
  • Provides a customizable dashboard to toggle between collective and personal goals.


HoneIn Pricing

HoneIn Pricing comprises four plans: Individual version(limited to one user and two objectives), Platform version( unlimited users and objectives ), Managed version(platform version features with external data source), Strategic version(managed version features included 10 external data sources). Individual version is free, Platform costs $ 150/month, Managed costs $ 500/month, and Strategic costs $ 2500/month. HoneIn has some add on features which can be checked on HoneIn pricing.



A 30-day trial of the platform version is available for demo. It offers features like unlimited users, teams, and objectives. Goal wizards, help content, and technical support is also available in this trial. One should look into HoneIn Pricing to avail more features.


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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Great, simple and effective goal setting tool”

HoneIn is a great initiative and has worked wonders for my company. It provides a neat and clean web-based portal for my employees to track their tasks.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Limited to cloud and web”

Presently, a smartphone has become a potent tool. Most of the work is done through the phone, and one can keep track of one''s goal easily through the phone. I hope that HoneIn is working to bring its services on android and ios and make goal management more efficient.
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81 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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