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Khorus USP

The software has a hassle-free interface that enables executives to get the most out of it. Path-breaking technology like the Gallup Q12 integration and the innovative talent matrix make sure that the user always finds the right employee for any given task. Request Khorus Pricing to get more information.


Khorus is a leading objective and key result(OKR) software that gives vital assistance to the top leaders of a business. It enables C suite executives to share their vision with the rest of the company efficiently. The software has helped many brands like Infoware, Credit union of New Jersey, and the Chief Executive Network realize their vision.

Khorus Features

Here are some powerful features which make it essential for any business:

  • Sets achievable goals

    • Users can set directions, in the form of 3-7 company goals which can be easily accessed by employees 
    • Users can choose among various goal-setting methodologies like SMARt, OKR or MBO

  • Accurate predictions

    • Users get access to the weekly prediction of their business in less than 5 minutes
    • In-app conversations show who requires help

  • Efficiently manage talent

    • Users can build performance ratings to suit their company's culture 
    • Talent matrix enables the user to find the perfect person for the job in the company

  • Keep connected with your employees.

    • Unique employee profiles, which also stores their goal, strengths and working styles
    • Gallup Q12 integration enables the user to track each employees engagement

Khorus Pricing

Khorus offers three categories of software, as well as expert services. Khorus pricing starts from free to $8 per user per month. Users can further add to a consulting service for $3000. Expert services extend from $5000 for half a day to $10000 for a day, depending on the plan.

Khorus Demo

Although it doesn't offer any Demo services, the basic package is free of cost for everyone. However, to get access to on-demand phone calls and emails to an expert consultant or expert counsel through the first quarter, the user must explore Khorus pricing options to remove these limitations.


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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Amazing goal setting software! Extremely easy to use”

It is easy to use. The method of building goals from the top-down helps the company work together to achieve success. Employee goals directly align with the CEO''s goals. The set up is so user friendly, and Khorus pricing options make a lot of sense.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Easy to use, support and training always available”

Indispensable tool to align the team''s effort and to make strategic initiatives comprehensible to everyone.
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85 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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