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Qulture.Rocks USP

The software has been the first choice for multiple successful companies around the world. It allows employees to grow alongside the company through a wide array of goal tracking tools. All development goals are tracked with great scrutiny, and slip-ups are brought to the attention of executives immediately thanks to the user-friendly dashboard.

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Qulture.Rocks is an OKR software that provides feedback, performance reviews, and goals to companies all around the globe. The efficacy of this software has made it a leader in its domain. Well, known brands such as Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Insight, and many more have been using this software to get excellent results.

Qulture.Rocks Features

Some features which make this software among the best in the world are: 

  • Access performance reviews easily
    • Track and analyze employee reports with the touch of a button

    • Customizable forms to allow users to obtain complex 360-degree feedback

  • A multitude of OKRs to set goals
    • Users can create and keep track of goals assigned to everyone in the organization without any hassle

    • OKR tools create custom goals with various formats like progressive, regressive, binary, etc.

  • Use feedback effectively
    • Specialized predefined feedback frameworks to get regular feedback from the organization

    • Tag the core beliefs of the company in each feedback or praise 

    • Allows the user to guide employees in the correct direction

  • Lead from the front
    • Users can set up one to one meetings according to the suggestions given by reports generated by the software

    • Users can take notes about the employee and set follow-up tasks for them.

Qulture.Rocks Pricing

Qulture.Rocks pricing is provided according to the size and sector of the user's company. Potential customers are asked to meet an expert who not only provides some leadership insights for the company but also discusses the price of the software with them. 

Qulture.Rocks Demo

A demo version of the software can be applied for by signing up on the website and speaking to their expert regarding the needs of the potential user's company. The details of the demo will then be discussed. Qulture.Rocks pricing options can also be discussed subsequently.


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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Wide range of tools”

Accurate employee reviews and a large number of OKRs make management a walk in the park. Dynamic Qulture.Rocks pricing options is another reason for this software''s popularity.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 09, 2020

“Easy to use and highly efficient”

This software has the potential to take any business to great heights, courtesy of its amazing assortment of tools.
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75 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Qulture.Rocks
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