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Eli onboarding software offers a wholesome onboarding experience with a special focus on first-time-employee transitions that utilizes the brand image and customizable content exposure to increase productivity and employee experience. With the options to control data location, and platform, Eli gives users full information control. Compatibility with existing HR systems and excel or CSV files simplifies the process of profile creation and integration making for comfortable user experience.

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Eli onboarding software offers an onboarding platform with its personalized onboarding technology that helps users integrate new employees seamlessly into the organization. It helps users create special onboarding programs with customized content to make each member of the organization feel special. It helps forge better relationships between managers, and teams and starters at a specific organization aiding productivity and cohesion. With Eli, employers can manage compliance, tasks, and forms to ensure things run smoothly.

Eli Features

→ Graduate onboarding

  • Attract graduate students, interns, apprentices, and potential employees using the employer brand with a personalized onboarding experience.
  • Tailor information around specific roles, programs, and locations with engaging content to customize onboarding experiences.

→ Easy transitions

  • Help first-time employees transition smoothly into the organization using videos and training materials.
  • Increase productivity and cohesion by easing the integration process for new hires using Eli’s platform.

→ Data Security

  • Achieve high levels of information security with public cloud hosting of information, daily backups, disaster recovery, and firewalls.
  • Choose data center locations and customize data retention timeframes.

→ Easy integration

  • Integrate Eli with existing ATS or HR systems for seamless and easy user experience.
  • Import data easily using CSV or Excel files for profile creation, or by using data capture forms to automate paperwork.

→ Customizability

  • Tailor employee experience along with a customizable and personalized user experience using Eli’s variable purchase plans to fit differing needs. 


Eli Pricing

Based on the user’s requirements, Eli pricing offers a service User-based pricing model. This means that Eli pricing is not fixed and is customized according to the user’s size and requirements. For further details regarding the pricing of the software, interested users can visit the website and may directly contact the sales team.

Eli Demo

A demo can be requested from Eli onboarding software by sending a demo request to the mail id provided under the request demo tab on Eli’s website.


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Eli Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

May 04, 2020

“Data Control”

With choices for public hosting and data locations along with daily backups, disaster recovery, and firewalls Eli offers a secure experience to its
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Attractive platform”

Eli offers a custom onboarding experience on an attractive platform with media and content support. The software is affordable and gives full value for money.
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