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Flock onboarding software is an important part of most of the employees’ service life. Supports an organization in human resource management and eliminates piles of spreadsheet and folders. Flock develops a light and friendly environment for new employees by connecting everyone with correct information. Flock pricing plans can be requested from the company.

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Flock onboarding software is a computerized human resource information system, BenAdmin management and human capital management software. This software abolishes several issues and simplifies the most important time-consuming HR administrative tasks. An organization can be immensely benefited by Flock Onboarding software in supporting the tasks related to managing employee’s recruitment to retirement. Companies can use this software in products management, marketing and most importantly in human resource management.  


Flock Features


  • Increase Transparency
  • Keep every employee updated on organizational rules and policies. Share changes of rules and regulations, team meetings through a single way announcement channels. 
  • Instant messaging feature of this software makes it much easier for the employees to communicate with each other and create a friendly culture.


  • Recruit new Talent
  • Recruitment is definitely time-taking, but Flock Onboarding software helps the organization in fast recruitment by a systematic process. 
  • Synchronized easily with several stakeholders by providing interview questions, information about the candidates and feedback via a single channel. 


  • Boost up Onboarding for Fresh Hidings
  • Create ordered induction day by making a channel for answering all questions from the candidates to share vital docs like the handbook of the employees. 
  • Support the new employees to identify the team leaders and help to develop a fine bonding between all employees. 


  • Scheduled Feedback Sessions 
  • Enlist individuals’ work that employees do in a particular session and provide all employees weekly feedback. 
  • Make and share necessary documents like performance feedback and help to manage all important employee’s data under a single track. 


  • Automated Structured Framework
  • Organized framework to establish an Onboarding plan so that every single person who is associated with the Onboarding procedure knows individual responsibilities and role.  

Flock Pricing


Flock provides everything that an organization requires to get an efficient human resource management at a great Flock Pricing. Every organization can get numerous Flock pricing plan. Flock pricing has 2 paid plans.


  1. Starter - 199/month
  2. Large Enterprises - 349/month 

For further details regarding flock pricing, users can visit the website.


Flock Demo


Flock Onboarding software delivers free demo versions for all types of organizations. This demo version helps organizations with various videos and information about this software to purchase.


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Flock (helloflock.com)
61 Buyers Negotiating
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Flock (helloflock.com) Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Organized Onboarding by Flock”

Flock Onboarding software support a company by removing the pressure of maintaining paperwork company policies, documentation of employees and management of new candidates.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 04, 2020

“Employee Handling with a Systematic Procedure”

Manage all employees’ personal and official information under a single track. It helps the organization to look into an individual employee’s personal employment details.
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