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Bridge Onboarding Software
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Bridge Onboarding Software USP

Bridge can easily manage groups and individual users separately and continuously update the branding. Bridge also provides the users with 24X7 support which ensures that all the customers can receive high-end service and make the most out of the software. It easily allows the trainer to create training content seamlessly with the least effort. With the help of Bridge Onboarding, you can also add graphics and links. Bridge pricing can be obtained by contacting the company.

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Bridge is a development software that is designed for businesses that care about the growth of their employees. The software helps in creating a learning culture that engages employees from different sectors using robust learning capability. Bridge Onboarding has an integrated technology that pushes engagement by seamless adding training with the workflow of the employees, HRs, and managers. It helps users to create genuinely meaningful connections, foster skill communities, and enable mentorships.

Bridge Features

Provides HR with a clearer view

    • Enables the HRs to provide the employees with a more visible path to grow
  • Offers companies to grow seamlessly with the help of an employee development program

Provides Managers with better training equipment

  • Includes conversational tools too that can be used for conversations that are focused primarily on the growth of the employees
  • Sketches out precise employment growth discussion that assist the manager with better training of employees

Helps in development with insight data

  • Provides insight of data curating capability which helps in improving processes, tools, content, and people for the growth of an organization. 

Bridge Pricing

Bridge doesn’t share its bridge pricing online. Though, users can avail the Bridge pricing information by visiting their official website. The user can enquire more in-depth about Bridge pricing by filling the info form on their website or may directly contact the company.

Bridge Demo

You can avail of a free bridge demo by visiting their official site where you will need to fill up a form to avail of the demo. The demo gives a brief about the onboarding process in an employee’s lifecycle and the other features that Bridge offers for its users. 


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Bridge Onboarding Software
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Bridge Onboarding Software Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“The future of management”

Bridge Onboarding offers users a simplified view of the complex processes of an organization which eventually helps in better understanding. It is a highly flexible software that has multilingual options and updated branding.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“An easy to understand LMS”

With the help of the Bridge Onboarding, user can create smart groups that would auto-assign courses/program to staff. Loaded with features, it has a user-friendly interface which makes working in LMS easier.
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