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Recurrence onboarding software is a unique onboarding and recruitment facilitator that uses the power of simulation to customize an experience that helps identify talent both in potential recruits and existing employees. Its interactive method helps identify talent and qualities more efficiently than traditional methods. Recurrence works with enterprises and universities, it helps the former identify and manage talent, and for the latter, it helps students gain exposure. With the two way nature of the platforms organizations are enabled to identify talent that is still in the classroom. Recurrence pricing is requirement based.

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Recurrence onboarding software is a unique platform that facilitates onboarding and recruitment. It uses case studies called gamulations to turn organization knowledge into an interactive Signature case that helps with leadership development and high potential talent identification.Its interactive method helps identify talent and qualities more efficiently than traditional methods. It uses Signature cases to identify talent in Recurrence’s partner universities to find talented individuals who can easily adapt to the organization’s environment. This makes for more efficient integration of potential employees and more productivity. 

Recurrence Features

→ Two-way platform

  • Integrated enterprise and university platform makes the process of talent acquisition and hiring easier.
  • Discover talent best suited to an organization by creating Signature gamulations.

→Organization Specific

  • Get validated content for employee development programs to identify leadership qualities overlooked by traditional methods.
  • Customize the Gamulation platform based on the organization’s environment and past organization challenges for effective talent examinations.

→Career Placements

  • Identify the most important characteristics of current and potential employees to better assess promotions and assignments. 
  • Simplify position placement decisions for new recruits by identifying key qualities and assigning positions accordingly.

→ Social Responsibility

  • Assess performance and behaviors of organization employees and new recruits without the traditional roadblocks stemming from bias and prejudice
  • Guarantee equal opportunity recruitment by identifying potential individuals based purely on talent and potential.

Recurrence Pricing

Recurrence does not offer any information on its website regarding the Recurrence Pricing plans. According to online sources, users can contact the Recurrence pricing team on the mail id provided on their platforms to avail a user requirement based pricing plan.

Recurrence Demo

Recurrence onboarding software does not offer a demo on its website. Users, however, can obtain more information regarding demo using the contact information on Recurrence’s website.


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Recurrence Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Efficient talent identification”

Recurrence helps identify talent by subjecting potential recruits to the company''s environment and challenges. It also helps identify potential among existing employees.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“A unique take on recruitment”

Recurrence offers organizations with a unique talent management experience using simulation. It is simplified and effective.
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