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Clara USP

Clara online appointment scheduling software is a meeting scheduling software that has been helping different companies across the world. The software allows the user to schedule meetings and interviews of candidates as per their comfort zone. Also, there are other features to try upon such as scheduling for different interview types tracking through the responses of the candidates.

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Clara online appointment scheduling software offers the perfect platform through which users can allow different candidates to schedule interviews and carry on the good work ahead while also handling the users calendar for an automated schedule that makes sure the user never misses a beat. The software offers a wide range of features and services to the users that help them in making the process much comfortable and interesting. 

Clara Features

  • Screening and Sourcing
  • Focus on the process of sourcing while Clara schedules a meeting after a CC email is sent to it
  • Talk to more number of candidates and let the software handle follow-ups of the schedules created and processed automatically


  • Interview Schedules
  • Get candidates on the calendars of the interviewers so that the availability of both the candidates as well as the interviews can be checked out
  • Carry on with the process even when there is any last-minute cancellation or schedules as Clara is going to handle any such situations


  • Back-to-back Interviews
  • Plan the interview sequence and the team of interviewers and let Clara handle the scheduling process
  • Book the sequence as per needed so that the software can arrange the schedule as per the requirement


  • Integration and Data
  • Customize the name of Clara so that it can become a part of the team and can be there in all the steps
  • Get regular insights about the things happening such as a video conferencing scheduled or a room reservation made

Clara Pricing

Clara pricing plans can be selected by getting in contact with the team with ease. The users can select from these plans:

  1. Essential - $99 per month
  2. Professional - $199 per month
  3. Executive - $399 per month

It is important to check out the plan details before selecting the Clara pricing.

Clara Demo

The software Clara can be studied in a detailed way on its official website.  The features are explained in a detailed way along with pictorial illustrations so that the users can understand the software well before buying it. Also, there is an option to try the software so that users can know more about it. 


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Clara Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Handling situation”

Clara is not just responsible for allowing the users to schedule interviews and meetings comfortably but also for handling situations such as cancellations with ease.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Making Scheduling Easy”

Clara is mainly for the purpose of interview scheduling and it offers different features in making scheduling for interviews a comfortable one.
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