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Mindbody USP

Scheduling is made much easier with the help of the software Mindbody. The interface of the site is easily understandable and it offers features that can make scheduling not just easier but also comfortable. It allows not just a great experience for the clients but also for the employees of a company.

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The software Mindbody offers a smooth and efficient way for the users to schedule meetings, seminars, and other events without getting into the hassles of long communications and trails of emails. The users simply can create a schedule and send it to the clients and customers and check through the responses. Everything can be managed on one screen for a much smoother service. 

Mindbody Pricing:

Mindbody pricing depends on the plans that are been selected such as:

  1. Starter - $129 per month
  2. Accelerate - $259 per month
  3. Ultimate - $399 per month
  4. Ultimate Plus - $599 per month

The right Mindbody pricing plan can be selected by comparing them on the website. 

Mindbody Demo:

The features and services of the software are very well described on the website and at different review websites. Still, in order to get a demo of the software, the user can visit the official website and can click on the ‘Get a Demo’ option provided. 

Mindbody Features:

  • Posting Schedule
  • Create a schedule and check the client’s responses pouring in with the online booking done for the event
  • Notify the clients who have still not joined for the event with the feature of automatic notification of the software
  • One Screen management
  • Schedule and update appointments, classes, and similar other events from one single place, without the need to visiting different pages
  • Set appointments that are overlapping with ease in situations when two clients have to be managed at one single time
  • Staff management
  • Offer the staffs the facility of coordinating the schedules of meetings and other events smoothly without much confusion
  • Save much time that is invested most commonly in arranging a meeting or some other important event for the employees at times
  • Comfortable Tracking
  • Track the requirements in real-time and add the facilities at the right time so that the clients can get the best experience always
  • Keep a track of who are the people have to sign up so that the employees can reach out to them for appointments


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Mindbody Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 02, 2020

“Tracking made easier”

Along with scheduling for the events, Mindbody software also offers easy tracking options so that the user can make the best use of insights.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Simple usage”

Mindbody not just offers various features but also makes sure to keep them simple with its options of single screen and easy scheduling.
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