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Shift4 Payment Security Solutions


It also offers other additional services, such as fraud control, direct processing, and accounting. The 4tify solution, along with other tokenization and contained solutions, removes the burden of storing, processing, and transmitting cardholder data. The company's PCI compliant P2PE solution encrypts data as soon as it is swiped, manually entered, dipped, or tapped. The solution prevents sensitive data from entering merchant networks and thus, reduces the merchant’s PCI compliance burden. The IYC solution enables merchants to deploy and utilize gift card solutions. VT4 is the company's mobile payment solution. Veri4 provides an extra layer of security for authenticating users. Fraud sentry is a tool to detect and prevent internal frauds. 100% neutrality gives merchants complete freedom to choose their bank and processor.


DOLLARS ON THE NET, Shift4 Corporation’s payment security solution, includes Gateway+, 4tify, P2PE, It's Your Card (IYC), VT4, veri4, fraud sentry, and 100% neutrality. Gateway+ is a SaaS model that allows connectivity with almost all the major processors and banks in North America.

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SHIFT4 CORPORATION Presence in Payment Security Solutions
Shift4 Corporation, along with innovating on its payment security products, strongly believes in expanding its partner ecosystem to cater to diverse needs of merchants across diverse industry verticals. Its partner ecosytem includes numerous developers and business partners that enable Shift4 Corporation to serve a large customers base, comprising more than 24,000 customers at over 100,000 merchant locations. Some of its recent partners include TAM Retail, SkyTouch Solutions, Clubessential, Skyware Hospitality Solutions, InnQuest Software, Club Automation, Celerant Technology, Resort Data Processing, Silverware POS, STORIS, Epicor Software Corporation, Total e Integrated, Springer-Miller Systems, RICS Software, Maestro PMS, and Mi9 Retail.


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#4 Services / Integration Services
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