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SolidWorks PCB
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SolidWorks PCB USP

SolidWorks PCB provides an all-inclusive PCB design platform with the dual advantage of ECAD-MCAD integration that provides an efficient design experience. It helps users take better control of the design by including streamlined interface, real-time 3D clearance checking, online supplier database, and revision management for design projects.

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SolidWorks PCB is a design solution that provides effective PCB design technology that integrates mechatronics and electronics design to give an efficient electro-mechanical collaboration solution. It increases the productivity of the electronic product design venture by enabling collaboration between electrical and 3D mechanical design teams. It offers the convenience of many technical features with data management workflow to simplify processes.

SolidWorks PCB Features

→Simplifies Management

  • Manage projects by using inbuilt design and data management workflow.
  • Acquire efficiency through indexed design data storing, version controls, data security, and remote collaboration access.

→ECAD-MCAD Collaboration

  • Unify design data and implement changes through the ECAD-MCAD integration provided by the platform.
  • Manage processes better using the Engineering Change Order (ECO) process between PCB design and 3D CAD.

→ Simulation

  • Simulate analog and mixed-signal circuits in the schematic editor to make analysis easier for design efficiency.
  • Use real-time 3D clearance checking to determine PCB component placement and reduce the cost of prototypes.

→ Easy to work

  • Streamline schematic capture and board layout using the easy interface included in the platform.
  • Utilize the Altium based schematic capture tool for extensive drafting, libraries, and electric rules.

→ Compatibility and Revision

  • Access change history to gain better design control.
  • Use design commenting and revision management while accepting or rejecting changes for a clearer design process.

SolidWorks PCB Pricing

SolidWorks PCB pricing is user-based and not fixed. One can sign up on the SolidWorks’s website to avail a pricing option. SolidWorks PCB pricing has different pricing criteria for Students and academics which can be availed by contacting SolidWorks’s Academic Sales team. They can give you all the details about SolidWorks PCB pricing.

SolidWorks PCB Demo

SolidWorks PCB offers an on request demo for its product according to the user. To avail the demo the user needs to sign up on SolidWorks’s website with their details and area of work.


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SolidWorks PCB
76 Buyers Negotiating
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SolidWorks PCB Reviews


Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Two-way collaboration”

SolidWorks PCB offers a collaboration between ECAD and MCAD thus bringing together both sides of design, making for an efficient project.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 05, 2020

“Efficient revision management”

SolidWorks PCB’s revision management enables the approval or rejection of changes by the project head, hence reducing confusion and increasing efficiency.
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