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CADSTAR is an integrated schematic and PCB design platform that allows users to implement ideas and designs efficiently using its all-round software. It helps users realize design ideas using an HDI and high-speed layout with advanced capabilities. With a vast library and industrial-strength technology, it assists students, academics, and organizations in learning and designing. Its customizable tools provide more platform control to users and increase productivity. Various vendors have multiple CADSTAR pricing which gives users an option to pick and choose according to their requirements.

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CADSTAR is a PCB design software that lets users design various types of circuits. Its high-speed easy-to-use layout enables users to create designs quickly and with fewer errors. It offers a constraint-driven design to define and implement high-speed layouts efficiently. With block reuse and intelligent copy-paste CADSTAR enables users to extract maximum value from existing design archives and minimizes the effort put into the design. CADSTAR pricing depends upon the scope of work and which version the user picks.

CADSTAR Features

→Design Efficiency

  • Benefit from automatic avoidance of obstacles in design with point-to-point nets to make designing faster and more efficient.
  • Use design comparison to compare design combinations and obtain a list of differences for maximum productivity.

→ Interactive Platform

  • Minimize time and effort with intelligent cut, copy, and paste features to reuse basic designs in more complex ones.
  • Customize library attributes and place convenient hyperlinks for better navigability through the design.

→ Schematic

  • Tailor schematic with design templates, off-sheet reference zones, variant manager, etc for efficient design experience.
  • Edit topology and constraint browser for better schematic capture. 

→Powerful GUI

  • Integrate intuitive actions and reduce unnecessary key-clicks to speed up navigation and realize design goals quickly.
  • Utilize multiple document interface to display multiple application windows to easily compare and contrast designs.

→ Optional Modules

  • Diversify design platform with optional modifies that can be modified as per user’s requirements.
  • Customize platform with modules like Standalone Schematic Capture, Constraint Browser, Placement Planner, Redlining, Design Viewer Plus, etc.


CADSTAR pricing has different versions that can be purchased from a verified seller. The information regarding the seller can be obtained from the CADSTAR pricing provider Zuken’s website. Following are the different CADSTAR pricing versions:

  1. CADSTAR Lite
  2. CADSTAR Basic 3D
  3. CADSTAR Professional 3D


CADSTAR offers a free software called CADSTAR Express to provide users with the opportunity to experience CADSTAR’s basic features and core functionalities. Users can access the free version by signing up on CADSTAR’s website


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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Integrated system design”

CADSTAR’s true connective data structure maintains the electrical integrity of design even when copying sets of data into the design.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Easy import-export”

CADSTAR supports easy import of symbol outlines, profile boards, and complex mechanical CAD system geometry along with DXF design exports which minimizes work
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