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Accessible Metrics
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The broad range of testing facilities like mobile testing, load testing, and requirements based testing is a great advantage provided by this software platform. The sustainable risk management provided is also very efficient and provides suggestions and advice to modify your website and resources.

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This is an automated testing software that regulates ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and Section 508 compliance for keeping periodic checks of their websites. A regular basis check should be maintained to ensure the proper functioning of the website. As these websites need modifications on a daily or weekly basis, an automated and online website testing like Accessible Metrics will ease this process significantly.


The Accessible metrics pricing is dependent on the size and the content size of your website. The more content your website has, the more costly the package you ideally require. Accessible Metrics charges 30$/month to scan 100 pages. The professional and the premium package can scan up to 250 and 600 pages respectively. However, the professional and premium package is not available right now.


The software provides a free demo for the customers who want to analyse if the Accessible Metrics pricing is suitable for them or not. However, they can only scan the homepage of their respective website. In addition to that, they have to manually scan every time. 


Some of the excellent features provided by this wonderful web scanner are as follows:

  • Monthly report provision
    • They provide an automated monthly report for your website.
    • Helps you to modify your resources accordingly.
  • Fix broken links
    • Will alert you about any possible broken links
    • They  also provide solutions for fixing the broken link
  • See the accessibility errors
    • Receive a crystal clear idea of the accessibility of your website
    • Get a simplified test result of the accessibility test 
  • Easy Website Optimization
    • The accessibility testing tools optimize the website efficiently.
    • Follows ADA and section 508 compliance.


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Accessible Metrics
87 Buyers Negotiating
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Accessible Metrics Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 11, 2020

“Fulfils the purpose”

The whole demand of the software is to provide easy and optimized accessibility. With this attractive software pricing, what more can we expect!
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James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Affordable pricing”

The software pricing is awesome. With just only 30$ a month, you can scan a website with 100 pages.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 11, 2020

“Accurate results”

The recommendations provided by the software to optimize the website is amazing. It will help the regular check-up of the website efficiently
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