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HONEYWELL Perimeter Security


The Honeywell Security Group, a part of Honeywell, majorly focuses on perimeter security products, solutions, and services. The company has maintained its focus on the physical security market, due to an increase in the security threats in organizational infrastructures and facilities. The company is also focusing on providing perimeter security services globally and is constantly upgrading its technology and product portfolio. Honeywell provides security management systems, which integrate video surveillance systems, access control system, and visitor management system onto a single platform. This has helped the company introduce a technologically unique product in the global perimeter security market.


The security wing of the company, Honeywell Security, provides security and automation solutions for residential and commercial applications along with connected homes and connected buildings technologies. Honeywell delivers the most capable and reliable security systems in the most challenging environments. It offers a broad range of hardware and software products for perimeter intrusion detection, access control, integrated security, and video surveillance.

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HONEYWELL Presence in Perimeter Security software
The Honeywell Security Group growth strategies include new product launches, partnerships, expansions, and contracts. Considering the ever-growing security market, Honeywell relies more on organic growth strategies for longterm growth in the market. In September 2015, Honeywell partnered with Fiber SenSys (US) to integrate its Vindicator security platform with Fiber SenSys’s fence-mounted fiber optic sensor system for developing an easy-to-install solution that keeps critical infrastructure locations safe and secure, as per the company needs. Honeywell has established its presence across the globe as a reputed vendor for security solutions. The company is constantly updating its product portfolio to fulfill the demands of its clients. Honeywell is also targeting a larger segment of the market for video surveillance devices by launching products that are suited to the needs of small businesses and home consumers.

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