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Pixlr USP

Pixlr Photo Editing Software is free of cost Android platforms, making it available to a broader population interested in photo editing. These users may not have the financial backing to afford other Photoshop software but do have a special knack towards editing. Pixlr introduces these people to editing tools and provides a platform to dive into the creativity of these people.

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Pixlr Photo Editing Software is a cloud-based service with a set of tools to manipulate everyday pictures and photographs to look better. It comes with a set of photo editing tools like Photo Editor and Pixlr Express.

Pixlr Pricing

The software is available on android phones and well as desktop operating systems. The Pixlr pricing is hence different for the two.

  • Android and iOS (Mobile Phones): Free.
  • $5 Monthly for a Year-long Subscription
  • Professional Version: $14.99 monthly for a yearly subscription or $19.99 regularly without an annual subscription. (for desktop OS)
  • Advanced Version: $3.99 monthly for a year-long subscription or $7.99 without a yearly option. (for desktop OS)

Pixlr pricing also has a free option that isn’t just a demo.

Pixlr Demo

Since Pixlr Photo Editing Software on its mobile application version is already free of cost, it does not have a demo feature. However, it does provide for an in-depth step by step guide for those that are new to photo-editing. It guides the user through layering, blurring, and other processes necessary for photo editing.


Free of Cost for Online Use- Use costless application, with absolutely no hidden costs when the user is availing of the online options. Up the freelance photo-editing game at minimum or no cost.

Treasure Trove of Solutions for every OS- Use this software regardless of the OS platform being used.
Customize the pictures with a multitude of solutions, no matter which web browser has been used. 

Absence of Photo-editing Complexities- Personalize the experience of editing, whether a beginner or adept. Use touch-ups or in-depth editing skills without understanding the complexities of publishing.

Limited Memory Occupation- Taking up very little memory space, Pixlr is a lightweight editor.


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Pixlr Reviews


Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Apr 29, 2020

“Easy learning”

The platform comes with a handbook which is again free of cost. It makes learning editing skills easy and fun. Learn how to customize an image without having to pay an enormous sum for a yearly or monthly subscription.
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