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DDM PLM Software is a platform that is all-encompassing in terms of its services. This PLM Software is a one-stop platform to design products and implement the production, including scalability. It offers CAD, workflow tools and document management, alongside the main service of the product lifecycle and data management. It offers reliability and support services round the clock.

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DDM stands for DesignDataManager, a software offering that not only manages product lifecycle management and managing its data but also businesses with other design-based facilities such as CAD. DDM PLM Software offers project management including quality control services for businesses of all sizes and is flexible as per their needs. 

DDM Pricing

Detailed DDM pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the PLM Software market. Most software companies and vendors require users to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on exact business needs. For more details on the best DDM pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.


DDM Demo

DDM PLM Software has a free demo available online, and also offers offline viewings. This online demo is available on the landing page of the website. Offline demos are offered only after the persons contact the company and schedule a meeting.


Product lifecycle management- Manage the Bill of Materials seamlessly for all products within the software. Analyze products before and after production and sales to ensure targets are reached and to make better decisions on improving the product.

Documentation management- Create a database of documents required by the business and segregate as per event, and ensure it is available as required. Handle designs including technical aspects and formulas for ease of implementation. 

Quality management- Create standards within the organization, over and above legally required standards, and ensure compliance. Manage the manner and frequency of tests that are conducted in plants and production facilities to check for quality control.

Product Data Management- Manage a database of all the data including technical secrets and other intellectual property based on product type or category of production. Control the versions of products, including testing stage products, and ensure after-sales service is provided.


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  • +5
    Change Management
  • +6
    Compliance Management
  • +7
    Cost Tracking
  • +8
    Design Management
  • +12
    Requirements Management
  • +14
    On-Site Support
  • +13
    Remote Support
  • +14
    Installed - Windows
  • +7
    iPhone / iPad
  • +6
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +6
  • +9
    Others, please specify
  • +5
  • +9
    Document Management
  • +10
    Product Data Management
  • +11
    Project Management
  • +13
    Supplier Management
  • +10
    Customer Support Service
  • +12
    Support and Maintenance
  • +11
    Training and Development
  • -8
  • -12
    Annual Subscription
  • -9
  • -10
    Free Trial
  • -5
    Installed - Mac
  • -11
    Monthly Subscription
  • -13
    One-Time License
  • -14
    Billing & Invoicing
  • -5
    Catalog Management
  • -6
    Inventory Management
  • -7
    Materials Management
  • -8
    Order Management
  • -10
    Production Management

DDM Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Data management of the future”

this platform helps complete the process of ideation of a product right from design to large scale production. It is useful for every person, whether running a big or small business.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“All in one technical tool”

DDM is a platform that helps manage the lifecycle and information of products, and also has more technical offerings at no extra cost.
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