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OpenBOM PLM software facilitates its users in organising and maintaining product BOMs and catalogues in a centralised manner. It allows several team members and stakeholders to edit and update the BOM simultaneously, in real-time, ensuring data-consistency and mitigating potential errors. OpenBom PLM software allows users to create a unified infrastructure for storing and managing product data. With its multitude of features and data import support it saves organisations a lot of time and money.

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OpenBom PLM software is a Bill of Materials and Inventory management tool that aids manufacturing businesses across all scales to optimize their product management lifecycle processes. It offers a cloud-based solution for organisations to manage every aspect of the product development process. OpenBom PLM software is packed with all the latest technologies required for maximizing performance while still retaining its easy-to-use interface. It allows businesses to organize and manage their BOMs and perform purchase planning and promotes collaborative working.

OpenBOM Pricing

OpenBOM pricing is categorised into 4 packages and a free version that customers and teams can choose from based on their requirements. OpenBOM pricing list is as follows:

  • Professional - $25 per user per month 
  • Professional Team- $125 per team per month
  • Company - $375 per company per month 
  • Enterprise – Variable pricing

OpenBOM PLM Software Demo

OpenBOM PLM software offers users learning materials like blog articles, documentations and resource hubs to fully understand OpenBOM’s UI and its myriad features. Customers can also read about user stories that detail how OpenBom PLM software solves business problems for them. Customers looking for a more tangible learning experience can make use of the Free version called the User plan.

OpenBom PLM Software Features

Simple and efficient interface
Users can manage all their BOM data in a user-friendly interface that is as simple to operate as google spreadsheets
They can also make the process efficient my allowing multiple collaborators to work on, edit and eliminate errors in the BOMs in real-time

Data storage and visualization
OpenBom PLM software helps create a centralized hub for all product data and catalogues that can be from anywhere, at anytime
Embed preview images of all parts in the BOM to improve visibility and understanding 

Data management
Track all changes and revisions to BOM data using a time-stamped history log
Maintain and update the quantity on hand data in the catalogues that can be accessed at anytime

Data Import and BOM integrations
Derive BOMs and catalogues from raw data sources like organisational database, excel sheets etc.
OpenBom PLM software helps integrate OpenBOM with leading CAM, PLM and ERP programs to auto-extract and sync data


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    Change Management
  • +6
    Compliance Management
  • +10
    Product Data Management
  • +14
    On-Site Support
  • +13
    Remote Support
  • +10
    Customer Support Service
  • +5
    Installed - Mac
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    Installed - Windows
  • +7
    iPhone / iPad
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    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
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    Cost Tracking
  • +8
    Design Management
  • +9
    Document Management
  • +11
    Project Management
  • +12
    Requirements Management
  • +13
    Supplier Management
  • +12
    Support and Maintenance
  • -11
    Training and Development
  • -8
  • -12
    Annual Subscription
  • -9
  • -10
    Free Trial
  • -11
    Monthly Subscription
  • -13
    One-Time License
  • -14
    Billing & Invoicing
  • -5
    Catalog Management
  • -6
    Inventory Management
  • -7
    Materials Management
  • -8
    Order Management
  • -10
    Production Management

OpenBOM Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Affordable BOM and inventory management tool”

OpenBOM allows users to calculate cost and material requirements with ease and allow dynamic changes to the BOM in real-time.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

Apr 25, 2020

“Setting standards for PLM software”

This tool allows clients to optimize their product development process, manage all product data and perform inventory management with maximum efficiency and performance.
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