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ProductCenter USP

ProductCenter PLM software provides a streamlined set of process steps for creation, manufacturing as well as product support for the entire lifecycle from the product inception. It centralizes and interconnects all features within the product management and information. It automates and accelerates several of the lifecycle processes eliminating error-prone details.  

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ProductCenter PLM software is a workflow management tool for all organizations and businesses. It enables the generation of files for the project, distributed vaulting, bill of materials and information, collaboration, enterprise integrations, web portals and so on. This is basically, a web-based tool or solution that provisions the complete lifecycle management of the project.

ProductCenter Pricing

ProductCenter Pricing is customizable based on requirements. Though the price for a one-time setup starts from $10000, ProductCenter Pricing has several different models that can fit varying businesses’ budgets. For this, contact the product provider Softech. This price includes product training and initial support. 

ProductCenter Demo

ProductCenter PLM software provides an easy-to-use user interface but at the same time, it provides a free trial for easier implementation of tasks without the need to learn. It also offers a Free Demo upon request for a better understanding of the product. It is also available on the website and with the relevant purchase package.


Workflow Management

  • Enable collaboration and configuration of workflow, with the input from the team
  • Allow personalization and customization of workflow among members through its graphical editor

Calendar Management

  • Permit scheduling of important events and deadlines along with assigning timelines
  • Ensure that alarm and notification system keeps sending relevant and critical project reminders

Customizable Dashboard

  • View all the details of the project workflow and customize the priority visibility on the dashboard
  • Generate reports based on the progress plots from the deadlines kept and missed with projects completed

Product Data Management

  • Enable generation and management of relevant documents pertaining to the product insights with respective versions
  • Manage bill of materials and corresponding bill of information for the product 

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Manage changes, compliance, designs and suppliers, track costs, requirements and documentation status


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ProductCenter Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Product Efficiency”

Having project designing and contractual information at one platform that is centrally secure and accessible all around makes it highly efficient for users.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Graphical User Interface”

The software GUI is very easy to align with several different objects and the workflow of the tool is flexible towards the product workflow management processes.
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