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Upchain USP

Upchain PLM Software helps clients make their product lifecycle efficient, quick and economical. It aids them in creating a product network to facilitate the real-time updates and data sharing. It allows users to incorporate tools required by different members to perform their jobs. Users can even view their CAD files in 3D and store and manage them easily in the cloud. Upchain PLM Software helps customers automate redundant tasks and provide suggestions on the best ways to get the workflow going. Request Upchain Pricing to get more information.


Upchain PLM Software offers cloud-based product lifecycle management solutions for businesses looking to optimize their product development strategies right from the inception stage to the deployment stage. It provides organisations with a unified interface for stakeholders, designers and developers to collaborate and innovate. Upchain PLM Software aids business in performing all product-related tasks more efficiently and effectively with improved communication, optimized workflows and process automations.

Upchain Pricing

Upchain pricing offers three kinds of packages to its clients that they can choose from based on their needs. The Upchain pricing list can be categorised as:

Upchain pricing for Participant - $30 per user per month
Upchain pricing for Team - $70 per user per month 
Upchain pricing forProfessional- $200 per user per month 

Upchain PLM Software Demo

Upchain PLM Software offers customers demos of their platform and features on request. It also hosts blogs and resource libraries for additional information. Users looking for a tangible learning experience can make use of the free-trial version.

Upchain PLM Software Demo

Real time collaboration consisting
Upchain PLM Software creates and collaborate using a product network where everyone gets a full visibility of the project and its processes
Manage and share data across the network, incorporate reviews and feedbacks with global updations

Data storage and management
Store all product data and CAD data on the cloud and access from anywhere them without hassle
Track the changes being made and revert back to a previous version easily if the new changes are not meeting the standards 

Workflow optimization
Integrate tools and business programs that team members require to perform business processes
Create a structured workflow using configurations, stage gates and permissions 

Plugin and API support
Upchain PLM Software helps integrate Upchain as a plugin into all your desired CAD and Microsoft programs
Include desired APIs to transfer and receive data  

BOM and ECR management
Track the Bill of Materials (BOM), update and share them across the network in real-time
Create Engineering change requests (ECR) to examine feasibility of proposed changes and manage them.


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  • +5
    Change Management
  • +6
    Compliance Management
  • +7
    Cost Tracking
  • +8
    Design Management
  • +9
    Document Management
  • +10
    Product Data Management
  • +14
    On-Site Support
  • +13
    Remote Support
  • +14
    Installed - Windows
  • +6
  • +9
    Others, please specify
  • +11
    Project Management
  • +12
    Requirements Management
  • +13
    Supplier Management
  • +10
    Customer Support Service
  • +12
    Support and Maintenance
  • +11
    Training and Development
  • +8
  • +12
    Annual Subscription
  • +9
  • -10
    Free Trial
  • -5
    Installed - Mac
  • -7
    iPhone / iPad
  • -11
    Monthly Subscription
  • -13
    One-Time License
  • -6
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -14
    Billing & Invoicing
  • -5
    Catalog Management
  • -6
    Inventory Management
  • -7
    Materials Management
  • -8
    Order Management

Upchain Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“A platform for all project members”

Upchain facilitates the easy working and collaboration among everyone involved in the project. It allows them to integrate into the platform the tools that they are most comfortable working with.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Standard tool for change management”

tool helps users manage and simplify all the complex processes involved in a project from start to finish in a seamless manner that is both time and cost-saving .
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