RADIUS INTELLIGENCE in Predictive Analytics Software

  • California, USA
  • 2012
  • $11MN to $50MN
North America
Company Overview
Radius is an analytics software built specifically for revenue-driven marketers. Offering a self-service AI, real-time business graph solutions, and over 50 billion dynamic signals, this platform can help you resolve a number of marketing and business intelligence concerns.

  • Analyze and monitor data health: Detailed reporting on matching, fill rates, and data health to help you find and fix data problems.
  • Identify inaccurate and duplicate data: Recurring data validation and duplicate identification ensure your systems are clean–and kept clean for good.
  • Enrich data in real time: Increase fill rates and instantly enrich inbound leads with up to 100+ fields on companies or contacts.
  • Uncover your total addressable market: Visualize the market by mapping your ideal customer profile across every market opportunity, both known and unknown.
  • Source data on any account and contact: Fill your funnel with the most accurate, comprehensive data on accounts and decision makers.
  • Microsegment campaign audiences: Use thousands of signals like intent, product technology, and online behavior to pinpoint the right audiences for your next campaign.
  • Activate 500+ channels: As LiveRamp’s exclusive B2B partner, we empower B2B advertising on B2C channels at consumer scale.
  • Match business buyers to consumer profiles: MoreMore than double the industry average for B2B match rates to enable people-based advertising at scale.
  • Target look-alikes and high intent buyers: Deep segmentation, intent data, and look-alike models to maximizes ad campaign conversions.
  • Search and source accurate contacts: Always-on access to new contacts from The Network of Record is ready for sales where and when they need it.
  • Surface deep insights on accounts: Deliver new, accurate contact information to sales on all key roles alongside critical account-level intelligence.
  • Enrich and refresh Salesforce records: Reps can see when your data doesn't match The Network of Record, and add or update records on-demand.
  • Prioritize inbound leads by likelihood to convert: Real-time scores determine which prospects are most likely to convert, helps ops teams and reps improve efficiency.
  • Identify look-alike audiences for campaigns: Build predictive segments with signals and attributes for marketing and sales to personalize campaigns and outreach.
  • Tier target accounts to fine-tune ABM: Apply predictive grades to accounts based on which best fit your ideal customer profile.

The platform is designed for B2B enterprise revenue teams, built specifically for the needs of marketing and sales teams. It is built for for revenue-driven marketers. It offers self-service AI, real-time business graph solutions, and over 50 billion dynamic signals, this platform can help you resolve a number of marketing and business intelligence concerns.

Evaluated against 206 key buying criteria
  • Customer Data
  • Demographic
  • Firmographic
  • Geo Spatial
  • Marketing Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Support for Custom Data Connectors
  • Advanced Condition Prediction
  • Analytics Workflow
  • Apache Spark
  • Auto-scaling
  • Cloud Hosted Data
  • Data Investigation
  • Event Detection
  • Hadoop
  • No. of Third Party Data Providers
  • Server Side Data Processing
  • Shared Data Sources
  • Statistical Modelling
  • APIs
  • No Weaknesses
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RADIUS INTELLIGENCE Presence in Predictive Analytics Software
The Radius platform treats data and intelligence holistically. Its products help professionals in B2B marketing, sales, operations, and analytics discover new ways to grow their companies and to push beyond their own boundaries. It offers a wide range of features, from tackling the most complex data engineering problems to developing the most intuitive product design, which is designed to put data and intelligence to work for its customers. This is to enable customers start every initiative with absolute clarity, build strategy based on its AI-driven insights, and then tap into its omnichannel reach to put their ideas to work.
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