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Ahaslides Presentation Software is an easy presentation making platform for individuals and professionals. Its aim is to make public speaking events wholesome for the speaker and its audiences. It reduces major distraction that is smartphones in a public speaking event by turning it into a powerful tool. Speakers can directly get in touch with any individual present in the event via smartphones through the given link. It’s quick and provides impressive results to its customers.

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Ahaslides Presentation Software is a presentation making platform for public speaking events. Its main focus was to make these type events more engaging for their audiences. Ahaslides Presentation Software started with the initiative to enhance audience participation through real-time questionnaires, quizzes, and polls directly on their smartphones and connect them with the speaker over the stage. Another aim was to shed burden and pressure from speakers’ shoulders. Ahaslides turned presentation displayed on a big screen to audiences’ smartphones. This platform is easy to use and works the same as your usual presentation software.

Ahaslides Pricing 

Based on your requirements, Ahaslides pricing ranges from $4.95 per 50 live participants to $15.95 per 2000 live participants per month. Here is the detailed Ahaslides pricing:

  • Essential- $4.95/50 live participants/month.
  • Plus- $10.95/200 live participants/month.
  • Pro-$15.95/2000 live participants/month.

Ahaslides Demo

Ahaslides Presentation Software provides free demo in the form of illustrations and text on its website to acquaint the users with all its functionalities. User reviews can also be searched upon to know the insights about the platform.


Increase familiarity

  • Customize polls, Q&A sessions, add pre-made slides and more to presentations using its catch on interface
  • Use it in the same manner as the usual presentation software to make interactive slides

Individual participation.

  • Generate a link to add each individual from the audience to participate equally. Initiate the audience to be on the same slide to what is being displayed on a big screen
  • Reduce distraction by allowing audiences’ participation using their smartphones turning it into a powerful tool for the presentation enhancement

Better Hosting

  • Allow smartphones to turn into microphones for easy interaction
  • Generate a virtual queue of the audience to select them for a question, initiate a proffer Q&A for the audience who are reluctant to answer openly

Easy customization

  • Customize themes and colors or add the logo in slides
  • Allow smartphone to work as remote controller, multi-language support and participant data analytics


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AhaSlides Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020


Through Ahaslides one can make comprehensible presentation. No installation is required in using Ahaslides. It has eliminated the major unnerving distraction that was Smartphones.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Efficient presentation”

This platform comes loaded with a library of hundreds of live animated graphs and open text noticeboard which helped in collecting audience data efficiently.
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