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eProcurement USP

eProcurement gives businesses a comprehensive overview of all spend at both property and corporate levels. It enables enterprises to obtain visibility and transparency into all services and items purchased at all locations. 

The tool improves compliance rate by over 80%, enables 7-10% savings from improvements in compliance, facilitates 10-30% productivity gain by automating procurement, and reduces approval time from days to just minutes. 

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eProcurement is a procurement management platform from BirchStreet Systems that is exclusively created for the hospitality sector. It assists to centralize and streamline the procurement procedure across multiple business needs, locations, and departments. 

The software delivers real-time visibility into compliance and spends for all departments and locations. It provides comprehensive features to digitize the procurement workflow and improve spend control and visibility. 

eProcurement Pricing:

eProcurement pricing details are not mentioned on the product website. The vendor offers pricing information by quote. Contact them directly and give details about your business needs to obtain a custom eProcurement pricing quote. 

eProcurement Demo:

eProcurement offers a demo of their product and users need to fill out the contact form on their website to avail it. Their team will contact your company and provide a hands-on demo on how to leverage the software to drive results, strategic value, and excellence. Avail the opportunity to learn about the features of the platform and decide if it fits your firm’s requirements. 

eProcurement Features:

→  Singularity

  • Operates on a single platform fulfilling all functionalities i.e purchase requisitions, orders, and receiving
  • Track budget analysis and purchase transactions in real-time 

→ Request for Quotes (RFQs)

  • Digitally create and deliver RFQs to vendors 
  • Empowers food and beverage companies to digitize their procurement processes to achieve significant productivity gains and cost savings

→ Supplier Catalogs

  • Vendors maintain item catalogs that display real-time pricing 
  • Helps is a hassle-free transaction and minimal support requirement 

→ Effortlessly Add Suppliers 

  • Onboard suppliers in multiple ways supported by the platform 
  • Expand your business network at your convenience with minimal constrains   

→ Checkbook Drilldown

  • Analyze budget and track purchase transactions in real-time
  • Easily track, analyze, and report their spend management performance to make continual operational enhancements 


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eProcurement Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Saves Money and Time”

eProcurement enables organizations to reduce expenses by analyzing their spending. It helps them to manage their contacts, bids, and procurement process in an efficient manner. The system assists businesses to save plenty of money and time by unifying, streamlining, and simplifying the procurement procedure
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Eliminates Laborious Paperwork”

eProcurement helps companies to eliminate time-intensive and tedious paperwork. Businesses can centralize and consolidate all their procurement processes in a single platform to improve efficiency and productivity.
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