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Pecos provide more efficient financial controls and reduces tendering costs. Automation of regular tasks and the key processes will reduce the workload of the enterprises. Maintaining the required stock is possible with better planning of the demand cycle through the management feature of Pecos. 

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Pecos is an e-procurement software that serves agencies, SMEs by providing many solutions for them. Pecos offers many benefits such as Supplier Management, auction management, sourcing management, compliance management, and finally, invoice processing. 

PECOS is used by all kinds of enterprises for automation procurement and managing the purchases. Pecos is a one-point solution for enhancing your business and ease the working procedures. It enables the notifications for the critical tasks and receipt orders to keep track of the management.

PECOS Features

  • Budget Management
    • Collects all the mandatory purchase information based on the required targets.
    • Purchases from the suppliers are restricted based on the financial terms and situations of the enterprises. 

  • PunchOut
    • Punchout features allow the enterprises to check out the product details through an external link that lands on the supplier’s product website.  
    • Enables the users to search out the supplier’s available catalog efficiently. 

  • Sourcing Management
    • Helps the enterprises to negotiate the prices with the suppliers based on the volume of purchases. 
    • Enterprises can be beneficial with such negotiation and acquire the products within the budgeting limits. 

  • Invoice Management
    • Keeping track of sales and purchases is a big task, and on the other hand, making a list of them is the complexity of the task.
    • Pesco generates the invoice automatically based on the transactions of the goods and services between enterprises and suppliers. 


PECOS Pricing

The vendor is yet to disclose the PECOS Pricing. User can choose the features and pricing is negotiated based on the chosen services. PECOS Pricing segment is divided based on monthly and yearly payments. Users can select one of them conveniently to avoid any financial troubles. 


User can request for a demo on the vendor’s website. There is no trial period for the Pecos software, but the demo and the tutorial are enough to understand the Pecos procurement software. Users get to know about the working status of the Pecos features before choosing it for their enterprises. 


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PECOS Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020


Transparency in the transaction data will provide accountability for both suppliers and enterprises.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020


Enables better contract and supplier management through enhanced MI. And also reduce the payment and invoice queries. Keeps a detailed record of every transaction.
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