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Fringe USP

Fringe provides a secure platform to build rules to drive actions and visibility across every aspect of the organization, track results and manage costs intelligently. By using real-time information about indirect spending, which makes up about 50% of total spend, to drive down rogue costs.

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Fringe is a SaaS hosted evaluation and review service from Logicore. It helps businesses find, locate and take action against indirect spending of large companies. It highlights peripheral or ‘fringe’ expenses such as travel, fleet, and freight costs that are usually left undetermined by most companies. 

It guides businesses to build rules that drive actions and help visualize and arrest peripheral spending. It provides instant access to layered information surrounding indirect spending and supplier performance while allowing instant action through smart dashboards.

Fringe Pricing:

Fringe pricing is subject to inquiry. Please contact the company for accurate and the latest information on Fringe pricing.

Fringe Demo:

Fringe is a highly technical software with specific industry usage. It does not offer a free demo or have a limited trial period. Logicore showcases the many real-world applications of Fringe in various industries for interested buyers.

Fringe Features:

Asset Management

  • Build and maintain exhaustive lists of assets while maintaining a firm hold on their expenses.
  • Correctly identify and classify assets critical for operations based on solvency and risk.

Invoice processing

  • Handle and classify various types of invoices from arrival to payment.
  • Verify purchases, ensure correct payment, and deliver payment as per agreed-upon terms.

Contract Management

  • Negotiate, manage, and support contracts of various types, scopes, and values.
  • Approve and execute the contract and generate insightful reports based on the performance of the contract and the key players.

Budget Management

  • Utilize an effective budget management tool to manage cash and maintain financial control. Improve and control financial and performance measurement.
  • Control spending and make better decisions based on reliable, accurate data based on real-time insights and reports.


  • Save on expensive legacy updates with Fringe’s direct connection to supplier data sources.
  • Customizable business rules that trigger real-time notifications in order to take the right actions. Maintain impeccable records of all actions for audits.


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Fringe Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Save more on hidden costs”

Focus time, resources and strategic attention on big spend categories and suppliers to bring in real value in terms of time and money.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 02, 2020

“Bottom-up approach”

Leverage existing technology to easily capture, measure, analyze and report information that helps to optimize the supply base.
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